[Review] Mastodon – ‘Hushed and Grim’

Review : Dan Maynard

In a world that right now feels upside at the best of times, a brand spanking new Mastodon album is exactly what we could use to flip it up the right way. Hushed and Grim is the 8th instalment in an already epic catalogue of balls heavy prog metal. Mastodon just seem to keep throwing flawless work into the world and this album is no exception.

From the moment Brann Dailors massive drum fill opens the gates of Hushed & Grim, you already get a solid idea of what is in store for the next 85 mins. Opening track Pain with an Anchor is nothing short of spectacular, with its opening line “Oh my dear, look what we’ve done here” is the perfect summary of the sadness that drives record. Hushed & Grim may be the most emotional and heavy hearted album since 2009s love letter to Dailors sister Crack the Skye. No matter how heavy this album drives, you can’t help but feel an overwhelming sadness running the show.

The four year wait between albums may seem like a slog, but man is it worth it. The boys are showing no signs of losing their mojo anytime soon, with an album containing X tracks, not a single one of them through out the double album is lacking. Massive drums as usual, guitars that break through the space time continuum and vocals that reverb into a world of splendor and wonder.

Mastodon albums have and always will be a journey in itself. Hushed and Grim is no exception. From start to finish, you never feel the need to skip a track, otherwise you just feel like you missed a chunk of a mammoth narrative. Do yourself a favor, crank this on the best sound system you can get your hands on, close your eyes and soak it all up. You won’t regret it.

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