I Prevail + The Plot In You – Eatons Hill Brisbane [Live Review]

The relentless rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of the eager fans gathered at Eatons Hill, their determination to witness the musical magic outweighing the discomfort of the damp surroundings. Queues snaked around the venue, each individual braving the elements to get into this one.

The air crackled with excitement as the doors finally swung open, promising a night of musical mayhem. Inside, the atmosphere was electric, the crowd buzzing with excitement. The anticipation soared as the hits from Korn and Slipknot filled the venue, setting the mood for an evening of raw energy. But it was the opening chords of My Chemical Romance’s Teenagers” that truly ignited the crowd, their voices merging into a thunderous chorus that echoed through the venue.

American post-hardcore outfit The Plot In You stormed the stage. As the opening chords of “Divide” echoed through the venue, vocalist Landon Tewers emerged from the shadows and the crowd erupted.
Tewers paced the stage eagerly before shouting to the crowd that they had flown 30,000 miles for this so lets get this place moving. The mosh pit instantly transformed into a heaving mass of bodies. “Paradigm” and “Face Me” followed.

Bassist Ethan Yoder owned the stage with his spins and headbanging skills whilst smashing the bass throughout. “Left Behind” was the hit of the night and had everyone singing along to the catchy chorus. The sea of red lit crowd members moving all around and creating a circle pit. Closing out an incredible set with “Feeling Nothing” the crowd wanted more, shouting “One more song, One more song” Over and over. We look forward to seeing them perform at Good Things this weekend.

As the backing curtain lowered showing the I Prevail logo, the crowd knew they were just about ready to experience a killer show. This time The Used is the band of choice that got the crowd rallied up during changeover.
The lights went dim and the venue erupted. Especially when the opening song “Bow Down” started playing and the lyrics “Get on your knees and Bow Down!!!” was brutally screamed out by Eric Vanlerberghe.

The mix of Brian Burkheiser’s cleans with Eric’s screams are some of the bests to do it live – I am hard pressed to think of a better duo. The two don’t stop at being just a vocal tandem, they are also incredible performers together. From screaming/singing together face to face to playing off the others stage location to say these two are in sync would be underselling it while Gabe Helguera was an absolute blast to watch as he kept the percussion at a breakneck pace all night.

The sheer amount of stamina needed to not only play an epic set list but kill it on drums is nothing short of admirable. Smashing through “Body Bag” and “Self Destruction“. The crowd were treated to the Limp Bizkits Break Stuff” into “Come and get it” mix was played, the crossover was incredible.

Huricane” really set everyone alight and into syncronised singing to every word as requested by Brian. When the intro of “Chop Suey” by System of a down began and the Michigan boys started owning that song the crowd really stepped it up a notch. Whats was a live show in Australia without the classic shoey as well.

During the interlude, a moment of vulnerability struck the stage. Brian Burkheiser paused the music and addressed the crowd, his voice laced with emotion. “I’ve been struggling lately,” he confessed, his words echoing through the vast venue. “I’ve been battling imposter syndrome, questioning whether I deserve to be here, whether I’m good enough” Pulling on the whole crowd’s heartstrings they erupted in support and cheers towards Brian.

Inspired by the crowd’s unwavering support, Brian launched into the opening lines of “Breaking Down,” his voice soaring with renewed passion. The crowd sang along, their voices merging with his, creating a powerful chorus of unity and resilience. Then as the band delved into their heart-wrenching anthem “Deep End,” a sea of illuminated phone screens transformed the venue into a shimmering constellation. With renewed vigor, the band powered through their set, closing out the evening with a rousing rendition of “Choke” and a nostalgic nod to their early days with the fan-favorite track “Scars.” The crowd erupted in a final frenzy, their bodies swaying and fists pumping in unison, as the band launched into their energetic closer, “Gasoline.”

As the final song came to an end, a collective sense of satisfaction settled over the crowd. I Prevail had delivered an unforgettable performance, a raw and impassioned display of musical prowess that left an indelible mark on the hearts of their fans. If it wasn’t going to be big enough, I can guarantee their crowd at Good Things just gained many numbers after this show.


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