Post Profit – Self Defeater [EP Review]

Every now and then, a fresh and polished band floats on in amongst the rabble of new comer bands all reaching for that record contact, brandishing a distinctive yet catchy and familiar feel that sneaks up and grabs you by the ear holes. Whether you want to enjoy it or not, you’re gonna sit down, shut up and love it. Post Profit have done just that with their EP Self Defeater.

The tones and atmosphere echo a silky smooth blend of DeftonesNirvana and Chevelle, yet distinctively different. Armed to the teeth with production value, the EP kicks off with Karmakaze – which isn’t just an amazing play on words – vocalist Matt Jackson croons in with “Something wicked is coming” drawing the listener in like a twisted ringmaster as the bass and drums grow before the chorus slaps you in the face to caress you back into the next verse. The funky groove of the title track, Self-Defeater, has a much more prominent rock and roll feel, akin of the likes of early Grinspoon. It has an amazing hook-filled chorus and rocking bridge with some screams thrown in for good measure that would go off on a live set.

As the first offering from the Texas lads since signing with Sharptone Records, they are hitting the ground absolutely sprinting! The six track EP falling just over a minute short of the twenty-minute mark is a brilliant showcase of Post Profit‘s signature sound. The more aggressive Cancer Culture is Seether meets Rage Against The Machine in sound, lyrically having some of the best structure and one hell of a catchy chorus.

The layering of the guitars from Jackson and Nick Hawner aren’t overly complicated, because they don’t need to be! No flashy guitar solos or technical overreaching, just good old fashion, headbanging riffs and harmonies. Zach Hicks really drives the songs along with some clever percussion on drums, emphasising the ambience and atmosphere to create a really fun experience.

If this EP is anything to go by, Post Profit are sure to blow more than a few minds and are definitely a name to keep an eye out for. Self Defeater will put the boys on radars across the globe, prominently filling gaps in the scene that has long been overlooked as vacant.