The Plot In You, Erra and Deadlights – The Triffid Brisbane – 24/09/2022

Review + Photos : JD Garrahy 

Honestly, I don’t know where to start. Since the announcement that our shores were soon to be graced by not one, but 2 epically talented bands (well, 4 if you count last week’s solo shows), I have been as excited as a fat kid in a cake shop. The Plot In You have graciously brought their ‘Swan Song‘ tour down under and it was a performance for the history books.

Deadlights are the first to smash the stage and they came to kick some serious arse. If you haven’t been privileged enough to be at one of their shows, then get the fuck out from under that rock. These guys serve up Aussie metal at its finest. It’s hard to truly explain just how amazing these guys are in a live setting, just get out to their next show and bang your fucking head.

Erra hits the stage, and they take no prisoners. From the moment the first break-neck double kick bass hits for ‘Gungrave’ it’s clear they came all the way down under to brutalise some eardrums. Delivering a set list that encompasses such a wide array of their catalogue, we’re all pretty excited to hear ‘Sol Absentia’ and ‘Pull From The Ghost’ in a live setting. JT and Jesse’s vocals are so tight knit tonight, that it just adds a further depth to their craft. Certainly, something that needs to be heard to believe. Alex is on absolute fire tonight, smashing the skins so passionately that you can’t help but thrash along to his beats. If you came for just Erra tonight, then you certainly got your money’s worth.

The Plot In You. Not really an introduction needed here. I haven’t had the chance to see these guys live yet, but when ‘Swan Song’ is one of your top albums, how could you miss it? With a crowd led sing along of John Farnhams ‘You’re The Voice’ screaming out across The Triffid, everyone is at the absolute ready for what is about to transpire. The echo of the ‘Face Me’ introduction rings out above the crowd and the deafening cheers ensue. This, is going to be fantastic…

Launching full scale into a blinding setlist, the Ohio quartet just hit every note with the precision of a band that has been together for over 50 years. Whether its Michael’s formidable percussive work, Ethan’s bass prowess or Josh’s fantastical fretwork, there is no shortage of epic talent. Couple all of that with the soul scraping vocals that frontman Landon Tewers effortlessly produces and it’s easy to see why these guys have garnered such a massive following.

Not only hitting all the top songs off ‘Swan Song‘, but also diving into their back catalogue, Plot is absolutely smashing it tonight. When Landon announces to the crowd that they’re about to play a few songs from the ‘Dispose’ album, the crowd erupts. Definitely a crowd favourite. With a 1-2 slogging of ‘RIGGED’ and ‘NOT JUST BREATHING’, we all sing at the top of our lungs, but cannot match Landon‘s talent. Going back into a few ‘Swan Song’ favorite’s such as ‘Both To Blame’, ‘Too Heavy’ and ‘Too Far Gone’ we’re all left with a satisfaction that the band has delivered everything that we wanted. Just simply brilliant. Closing out their set with ‘DISPOSABLE FIX’, the band has given it their all, and in return, has received nothing but love from the Brisbane fanbase. Now, what would a Plot set be without ‘FEEL NOTHING’? After such an intense setlist, it’s hard to think that the band, or the crowd for that matter, would have not much left to give, but give they do. As the band fires up, Landon could’ve taken a break from singing, but he gives everything he has to the final song for the night. Truly brilliant in every single way.

We disembark from The Triffid, but not before hitting the merch stand and buying up big on everything we can. Please come back soon one and all, you gave us all a night that we will remember fondly for many years to come.