Landon Tewers, Ghost Atlas, Agnes Manners – The Brightside Brisbane 17/09/2022

Review + Photos : JD Garrahy 

As we all pack into The Brightside, it’s a great mix of people. All with one thing in common, a love of good tunes and an overwhelming desire to get back amongst the international music scene.

Opening tonight we have quartet, Agnes Manners. What a sound! Giving the crowd an amazing vibe to really sink into the night seems to be this band’s forte. Clean, yet distorted riffs, thumping bass lines and killer vocals, these boys have it all. It’s easy to see why they were selected to open the show. Outstanding talent from the locals.

A flurry of techs upon the stage setting up for Ghost Atlas‘ set gives us good time to prepare for the audio bliss that comes from the sound of Jesse Cash’s signature vocals. Every bit of this set is amazing, kicking off with ‘Cry Wolf’ and then breaking it up with a trio of acoustics consisting of ‘Sleep Therapy’, ‘Glass Waves’ and ‘Mood Ring’, makes for a phenomenal experience. Every bit of musicianship is executed flawlessly. Whether it’s Jesse’s vocals, Clint’s fret work or Alex and Conor’s rhythm section, all of it is produced in perfect unison and makes for an intense performance. Rounding out the set with ‘Legs’, ‘Mirror Room’ and ‘Sacred Organs’ just leaves the tight packed crowd wanting more, but the main act is still to come.

Landon Tewers needs no introduction. Whether its when he is fronting Ohio natives The Plot In You, performing his solo works, as he shall tonight or with his former band Before Their Eyes, the guy can do no wrong. His vocal stylings are so unique that they touch a part deep in your soul and enable you to relate to the music on another level, it’s no wonder his works have such a massive fanbase.

Giving everything from the first note, the whole crowd is encapsulated by the music. The setlist has a bit of everything, from ‘Sleeping In The Benz’ to ‘Need To Change’, it encompasses all the songs we have waited so long to hear in a live setting. Adding in Plot percussionist Michael Cooper was just brilliant, his talent adds a greater depth to the setlist. As Tewers sinks into ‘She Thinks Of Me’ the crowd gives a cheer and proceeds to accompany his vocals the whole way through, amazing to witness live.

Closing his set with ‘Don’t You’ is, in my opinion, the best way to finish the performance. Every bit of his vocals tonight was on point. From melodic stylising to his signature rough yell, he cannot be faulted. Absolutely awe-inspiring. Thank-you for adding these solo shows Landon, it was fantastic to witness.

Tonight, was the perfect precursor to the upcoming Plot and Erra shows, and I’m sure everyone walked away from tonight’s performance with a greater excitement to do it all again next week. Until then boys, we’ll revel in the fact we were privileged enough to be at this show.

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