Vilify – Fever Dream [EP Review]

Review: JD Garrahy


Brutality, thy name is Vilify.


When the announcement dropped of a tour of this brilliant 4 piece, we all anticipated one hell of an EP release to coincide with said tour. Strap yourselves in because things in the Vilify camp have been busy, and the loyal fanbase is about to be rewarded.

Coming in a little over 15 mins, Fever Dream is relentless. From the opening riffs of ‘Rot By Design’ through to the crushing drums of ‘Hang.Draw.Quarter’, there is not a damn second that this four piece doesn’t display exactly why they are the local metal band to watch in the future.

‘Rot By Design’ opens with all the crushing goodness you would come to expect. Amy has a roar that rivals most male metal vocalists, and it’s plain to see on this track as to why she is such an unstoppable force. Couple this with Deni’s bone crushing riff work and you have a recipe for epicness.

‘Light Bringer’ gives a good indication that all future Vilify shows are going to be nights to remember. With as much ferocity as a pissed off cougar, Kieran really shines on the percussive work here. It’s the chest pounding bass work that Lizi emits that compliments it all. So fucking good.

As we hit into latest single ‘Split Tongue’, Amy gives us a true indication that her style is unique and cannot be matched. Guttural roars and elongated screams just show that she is a master of her craft and there will be no stopping this juggernaut of vocal prowess.

‘Save Me’. I honestly don’t know what to say about this track. This is EVERYTHING that makes Vilify stand out artists. The feel of this song is just something magical, it makes you want to thrash your body, but at the same time scream every lyric straight back into the bands faces to show just how truly crushing this song they have penned is.

We’re at the end, and while the last 4 tracks certainly have left their mark on my ears, I still want so much more. Cue, ‘Hang.Draw.Quarter.’ What a monster of a song. Complete and utter ‘nail your head to the fucking wall’ brutality from start to finish, its the perfect way to polish off this unreal EP. Encapsulating every bit of talent this band emits, its 100% the stand out track for me. Pure stroke of perfection to leave it till last, as one hell of a sign off note. Love every millisecond of it

If you’re a collector of vinyl such as myself, this will be a welcome addition to your collection. If you prefer getting your eardrums melted at gigs by Aussie metal, then get along to a Vilify show, you won’t be disappointed.

The ‘Fever Dream EP will be available Friday April 19.