Suicidal Tendencies + Mannaquin Death Squad + Krave – The Triffid [Live Review]

Review and gallery: JD Garahy

Saturday night at the Triffid. Hundreds of aging punks. Great vibe, great people. Let’s get Cyco!!

As we hit the hangar that is the Triffids main stage, we’re greeted by the hefty noise of Krave. The Brisbane locals shred their wares to show just why they’re deserving of any support slot that they occupy. What an amazing way to get the crowd moving for this epic show that lays ahead.

Mannequin Death Squad take the stage and holy shit, how have I not heard anything about this duo? Smashing out some epic riff work with some gratingly rough lyrics, this is Aussie rock at its finest. Smashing through a set that has the crowd grooving along to its beats, this was a welcome delight for the senses. Absolutely brilliant.

As we all wait for the main act, the lights don’t go down and it makes us all the more excited for the triumphant return of Suicidal Tendencies. It’s been a few years since they’ve graced our shores and we’ve been eagerly anticipating their return. This is going to get nuts.

Launching straight into ‘Suicides an Alternative’ and following up with ‘I Shot Reagan’ and ‘Memories of Tomorrow’, the California natives show exactly why they can still sell out venues over four decades after their creation. As Mike Muir darts from side stage to side stage whipping the crowd into a frenzy, shirts are discarded, and patrons sail over the barricade to really show what an ST show is all about. High energy and brutal physical activity.

The set list tonight reads like a greatest hits. ‘Subliminal’, ‘Possessed’ and ‘I Saw Your Mommy’ pepper the set and give the crowd what they want, every bit of ST goodness from a more than illustrious career. Manning the bass duties tonight is OG bassist Rob Trujillo’s son Tye. This kid kills it. Putting his old man to shame, he parallels Muir’s energy and shows exactly why he’s deserving to succeed his father.

‘I Want More’, ‘Institutionalised’ and ‘Suicidal Failure’ are up next and its clear to see that some punters came out purely for these 3 songs. The crowd goes absolutely nuts and there’s so many people sailing over the barrier that you can’t help but feel a little sympathy for the lads in security catching them all safely. Bravo to all involved.

Now, as we get to the end of the set, it wouldn’t be a Suicidals show without as many people as possible getting on stage with them. What a sight to behold. A stage full of fans, chanting the lyrics to ‘Cyco Vision’, ‘Freedumb’ and finally, ‘Pledge’. This has been a sold-out gig for the history books.

As the masses depart The Triffid with merch in hand, it’s safe to say that we all worshiped hard at the Church of Suicidals tonight, and we couldn’t be happier about it. If you’ve never seen this band live before, catch them on their next visit, you will NOT be disappointed.

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