BLEEDING ART RECORDS launches with ‘A RITE OF PASSAGE’ by blackened death metal x deathcore band COMPLEXANT

Formed in partnership with Nuclear Blast Records subsidiary Blood Blast Distribution, BLEEDING ART RECORDS is proud to announce the label’s debut release from Australian blackened death metal / death core act COMPLEXANT.

Titled ‘A Rite of Passage’ and released on November 9, the EP delivers a ferocious and dynamic assault that will appeal to listeners of acts such as LORNA SHORE, DECAPITATED and MENTAL CRUELTY.

Commenting on the new label, BLEEDING ART RECORDS A&R and Label Manager Greg Shaw offers:

“Bleeding Art Records is a label that will be introducing some incredible acts from a range of sub genres in heavy music from across the globe. We have a number of releases lined up for the next couple of years and I am very proud having the debut EP from Complexant as our very first release. Considering the scope and delivery that this EP offers, I cannot wait to see what this band will deliver when we release their full-length album. This band is one to watch. Be ready, we have much more coming your way”.

COMPLEXANT lead singer Brendan Clark offers the following on the EP and concept behind the title and lead single:

“A Rite of Passage is the first phase of healing through pain and hardship but written in a supernatural aspect. The track starts the story about accepting that a sacrifice needs to be made, the sacrifice of yourself, in order to open your heart to the darkness and becoming a more powerful being. As a metaphor that unfortunate events happen, and that acceptance is the key to becoming stronger from the pain.

The melodic chords and pitch-screamed chorus of the title track is to show this song contains a more emotional factor to portray the message. With the remaining 2 tracks, we are using a brutal blackened influence to portray a darker message.”

BLEEDING ART RECORDS is also part of the Artist Service and Booking Agency BLEEDING ART COLLECTIVE which was formed in early 2023 and features acts from labels such as Metal Blade, Unique Leader and Redefining Darkness Records, such as Nicolas Cage Fighter, Xenobiotic and ASHEN.

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