Beartooth – The Surface [Album Review]

Review: Luke Petty

Beartooth’s fifth album, The Surface, is a departure from their previous work in several ways. Beartooth are still the amazing Beartooth but things now sound so much brighter and hopeful. It’s their most melodic and accessible album to date, with a sound that draws on elements of hard rock, metalcore, and even country. It’s also their most personal album, with frontman Caleb Shomo grappling with his own struggles with addiction and mental health.

The album opens with the title track, a soaring anthem about overcoming adversity and finding hope in the darkness. It’s a perfect introduction to the new Beartooth sound, with its catchy melodies and powerful vocals. “Doubt Me” one of the released hits is a great anthem about overcoming self doubt and people who also project that towards you. Being the first song for Beartooth to ever say the F word they are really trying to get the message across. Other highlights include the singles “Riptide,” “Sunshine,” and “The Better Me,” all of which are instant earworms with infectious energy. We love a good acoustic song, especially from bands that usually scream their lungs out and this one is a cracker. “Look the other way” is a powerful and emotional ballard that showcases the bands versatility and their ability to write songs that are both heavy and heartfelt.

But while The Surface is a more melodic album than Beartooth’s previous work, it’s still a heavy album. Songs like “What’s Killing You,” “My New Reality,” and “Fed Up” feature the band’s signature blend of crushing guitars and screamed vocals. And even the album’s more melodic moments, such as the ballads “I Was Alive” and “You’re Not Alone,” have a raw emotional intensity that’s undeniable.

Lyrically, The Surface is a deeply personal album. Shomo sings about his struggles with addiction, mental health, and self-doubt. But he also sings about hope, resilience, and the power of overcoming adversity. The album’s overall message is one of hope and positivity, and it’s a message that resonates deeply.

Overall, The Surface is a fantastic album from Beartooth. It’s the most consistent they have ever sounded, but it’s still a heavy and emotionally resonant album. Shomo’s vocals are better than ever, and the band’s songwriting is at its peak. If you’re a fan of hard rock, metalcore, or just well-written music, then The Surface is an album that you need to check out.

The Surface is out now via Red Bull Records.

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