Beartooth + Pierce the Veil + Dayseeker – Riverstage Brisbane [Live Review]

Review and gallery: Luke Petty

The energy was palpable as fans gathered at the iconic Riverstage. The turnout exceeded all expectations, with the venue packed to the brim, stretching back as far as the eye could see. Anticipation ran high for the three incredible bands about to grace the stage on this clear, dark-skied evening. Upgraded from a smaller venue, it was clear that the choice of Riverstage was perfect for this epic concert. The diverse styles and raw energy promised by the three powerhouse bands had the crowd buzzing with excitement. As the stage lights dimmed, the cheers erupted, and the air was charged with an electric sense of anticipation. The night unfolded into an unforgettable experience, filled with camaraderie, shared memories, and the pure joy of music, leaving a lasting impact on everyone present.

The stage came alive with a captivating light show as the cheers from the crowd reached a fever pitch. Dayseeker burst onto the stage amidst a deafening roar, unleashing the raw intensity of “Crooked Soul” without a moment’s hesitation. The explosive opening chords sent waves of energy through the audience, setting the tone for an unforgettable night.

Frontman Rory Rodriguez showcased his vocal prowess from the very first note, with a haunting and emotionally charged voice that left the audience in awe of his incredible range and passion. Whether belting out powerful choruses or delivering heart-wrenching verses, Rory’s delivery was nothing short of breathtaking. He shared personal stories, revealing the emotional state that inspired their songs, making this show one of their biggest ever. The crowd united, shining their phone lights, creating an enchanting aura during “Sleeptalk,” and passionately singing along to “Neon Grave.” As the set came to a close, the band invited the crowd to be part of a group photo, commemorating this amazing performance, leaving everyone hoping for Dayseeker’s return soon.

Hailing all the way from San Diego, the emphatic post-hardcore band Pierce the Veil took the stage, exuding a headlining level of intensity and energy despite being part of a lineup change for this tour. They kicked off their electrifying performance with “Death of an Executioner,” instantly captivating the crowd. Confetti and CO2 blasters added to the excitement, while fans enthusiastically sang along to the familiar tunes of “Bulls in the Bronx” and their new track “Emergency Contact.”

Lead singer Vic Fuentes took a moment to express how monumental this experience was for the band, a memory he would cherish forever. The show took an emotional turn when Vic invited a young girl named Arlow to join him on stage, serenading her and gifting her his guitar, leaving her shaking with tears of joy. The crowd erupted with love and support for the heartwarming moment. The performance continued with hits like “Circles” and “Caraphernelia,” and to the audience’s delight, Caleb Shomo from Beartooth joined Vic on stage for a powerful collaboration. Vic’s charismatic presence and infectious energy held the audience spellbound until the grand finale, “King for a Day.” Pierce the Veil’s seamless musicianship, electrifying stage presence, and genuine connection with their fans solidified their position as a dominant force in the post-hardcore scene, creating a euphoric journey through their dynamic and emotionally charged discography that won’t be forgotten.

The anticipation reached its peak as the main attraction, Beartooth, was about to take the stage. As the lights dimmed, the venue was engulfed in an eerie glow, and the crowd erupted into a deafening roar. Beartooth stormed onto the stage with an unbridled intensity that resonated throughout the venue.

Frontman Caleb Shomo’s commanding presence immediately set the crowd ablaze. The opening notes of “Devastation” echoed through the entire space, and Caleb’s extraordinary vocals effortlessly transitioned from guttural screams to melodic harmonies, captivating every ear in the audience. The show was a whirlwind of crowd surfers, fireworks, and CO2 blasts, creating an electric New Year’s atmosphere. With each word of “Sunshine,”the crowd sang along passionately, fully immersed in the moment. The band proved to be an unstoppable force, delivering a barrage of heavy riffs and thunderous rhythms. The synergy between the members was palpable, and their musical prowess left the audience in awe.

As Beartooth declared their message of love for everyone, no matter what, and performed their new track “Might Love Myself,” their electrifying stage presence intensified. The crowd went wild during stellar renditions of “Hated” and “Riptide,” moving in unison with the music. The opening notes of “In Between” echoed, setting up what the crowd believed would be the final song, igniting a frenzy of movement. But Beartooth wasn’t finished yet, returning for a captivating encore, featuring “The Past is Dead” and ending with “The Last Riff.” Their performance was a jaw-dropping display of raw power, emotional intensity, and musical prowess, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

This was my first time seeing Beartooth, and their ability to forge a personal connection with their fans further cemented their status as a band that not only brings the heavy but also leaves an indelible mark on their audience. It was a show that everyone in attendance will remember for a very long time.


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