The Gutter Prince Cabal brings the brutality to Brisbane!

 Get ready to embrace the darkness, as The Gutter Prince Cabal is set to unite some of Queensland’s most ferocious underground metal acts for a night of unrelenting brutality on September 23 at Bad Luck in Brisbane.

Graveir –  Bringing their atmospheric and bleak black metal for their first hometown show since 2019.  Showcasing material from their latest album  King of the silent world aswell as upcoming songs from their new 7″ split


Serpentum – Blistering and  vehement black metal.  Serpentum’s new video single “As Gommorah Burns” is a cold and intense look into their upcoming album due out this year.

Hebephrenique – Debut live show from the psychotic and  deranged Hebephrenique.  Prepare yourself for a journey through the macabre

Sightblinder – Two piece cult from the shadows of Brisbane. The noxious potion created from Drugoth and Drouyn.  Bringing primative diagrams from their recent album Evocation of Nocturnal Depravity

 The Gutter Prince Cabal has curated a lineup that promises to deliver an unparalleled experience. Mark your calendars for September 23, because this is one metal event you won’t want to miss.

The Gutter Prince Cabal (GPC) is a record label started in 2021 by a group of like minded individuals to help showcase the talent within our region to the world. It is our genuine belief that we have just as many good bands as regions such as Europe and the US but we often lack the networking and infrastructure to advertise that to the rest of the world. Often we know more about what is happening in other regions than in our own. Our hope is to change that.
The Gutter Prince Cabal is made up of musicians, artists, zine editors and life long fans of extreme metal. While we won’t go into an exhaustive list here should you express interest in working with us we’ll provide further details so you can verify that we are who we say we are and that our offer is genuine.

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