Joshua Roberts from MAGNOLIA PARK talks Good Things Festival, Anime and MoonEater SoulEater EP’s

Pic: Jonathan Weiner

Australia’s biggest touring alternative festival, Good Things, is back this December, promising an even more colossal lineup than ever before. Set to sweep the East Coast by storm, this year’s festival brings together a diverse array of new and iconic favorites from around the globe for an unforgettable weekend of epic music and entertainment!

One of the highly anticipated acts on the lineup is Magnolia Park, embarking on their debut tour down under. They’ve been captivating global audiences with their genre-defying hits, innovative music videos and concepts since their inception in 2019.

The Everblack Podcast spoke to MAGNOLIA PARK frontman Joshua Roberts about their appearance at the upcoming Good Things Festival, recent Moon Eater/Soul Eater ep’s, love of anime and photography, plans to expand their concepts characters in other media and more!

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Magnolia Park’s debut album, “Baku’s Revenge,” released in 2022, shattered any notion that they were merely a “TikTok band,” as stated by Ones To Watch. Their music transcends superficiality, offering both deep contemplation and accessibility. The raw essence of their lived experiences permeates every second of every track. Since the album’s launch, the band has released several standalone singles that showcase their knack for irresistible melodies and colossal guitar hooks, catapulting them to a staggering 7 million monthly catalog streams. In an unceasing quest to push their artistic boundaries, they’ve unveiled the “MoonEater” and “SoulEater” EPs, each a testament to the duality within their creative souls.

The “MoonEater” EP sets a dark and ethereal soundscape, embracing metalcore influences with bone-crushing breakdowns and waves of heavily distorted guitars. Simultaneously, it draws inspiration from trap production and alt-rap fundamentals. This collection includes their hit single “Do Or Die,” a fusion of Phonk and rock featuring Ethan Ross’s intense rap vocals. Another standout, “Homicide,” boasts colossal arena-rock sonics, making an indelible mark.

In contrast, “SoulEater” strives to evoke a brighter mood with its uplifting lyrics and catchy hooks, channeling their pop influences. Utilizing textural alt-pop production and dreamy synth soundscapes, they breathe new life into the classic pop-punk sounds of the 2000s. With an infectious and youthful energy, their music video for “Manic” pays homage to Blink 182, reimagining the trio’s iconic riffs and hooks.

Epitaph Records, renowned as the birthplace of legendary punk acts, welcomes Magnolia Park into its storied legacy. This Orlando-based band emerged officially in 2019, independently building their momentum by leveraging social media creatively. They’ve fostered a dedicated audience of over 700,000 followers and garnered an impressive 63 million views on TikTok. Comprised mostly of Black and Latino musicians, Magnolia Park is on a mission to promote inclusivity and reduce the likelihood of racial backlash for people of color within the rock genre. Guitarist Tristan Torres expresses his hope that their presence can bring about change and prevent future generations of rock bands from enduring the struggles they’ve faced.

Catch Magnolia Park appearing at Good Things Festival this December, full details below.

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Friday 1 December – Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne (LIC AA 15+)

Saturday 2 December – Centennial Park, Sydney (18+)

Sunday 3 December – Brisbane Showgrounds, Brisbane (LIC AA 15+)