Void of Vision, Like Moths To Flames, Varials and Annalynn – The Triffid Brisbane [Live Review]

Review and gallery: Luke Petty

As daylight surrendered to the embrace of twilight, painting the urban canvas with hues of crimson and gold, an electric anticipation charged the air, signaling Brisbane’s music enthusiasts that a night of neck-breaking excitement awaited, leaving them with sore muscles but no regrets.

Kicking us off Annalynn all the way from Bangkok Thailand, their first-time touring Australia and they brought the whole house with them. Opening with “Closer to the edge” and giving us a taste of what Thailand can bring with the music scene. Frontman Nathaphon Jutathaveewan brutally engaging the crowd instantly with his vocals. At one point the guitarist jumped into the crowd to play. The whole energy of the band was an amazing way to start the night off.

A bit of a switch up for Varials all the way from Philadelphia, front man Mitch Rogers recently had a car accident in the states and was unable to attend this tour, stepping in was dear friend Eddie Knight and did he step up to the plate or what. Annihilating the vocals. Varials, known for their unapologetically aggressive blend of hardcore and metal, held nothing back as they tore into their set with a ferocity that could only be matched by the fans’ boundless enthusiasm.

“A body wrapped up in plastic “ opened the circle pit up instantly. The crowd were showing love even with a change in lineup. The setlist was a carefully curated journey through their discography, featuring tracks that hit like a sledgehammer to the chest. “South of One” brutally enforcing their sound and finishing with “Stigmata”. With sweat-soaked fans and ringing ears, it was clear that Varials had left an indelible mark. Hopefully we see them back in Australia soon with the proper lineup but for what it was this evening, it was awesome.

Like Moths To Flames returning to Australia for the first time in 8 years had everyone bringing their A game. Frontman Chris Roetter screaming at the crowd that when he says Jump then the crowd jumps. He didn’t travel halfway across the world for people to not move. Setting their set up for a monsterous effect. Straight into Ameliorate” and “I found the dark side of heaven” the crowd were not afraid to move. In a whirlwind of melodic aggression and unbridled passion they smashed through their set with force.

Ending their night with hit “Bury your pain”. The circle pit was spinning out of control. Beyond the spectacle of the performance, there was an unspoken connection that had formed between the band and their audience – a shared understanding that music is a vessel for expressing the unexpressed, a conduit for grappling with the highs and lows of life. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another 8 years to see Like Moths to Flames again.

The anticipation was high, the crowd was pumped, the lights dimmed, and everyone erupted. To then be played what was a very unexpected intro song. “Iris” by “The Goo Goo Dolls”… Surprising to say the least. But nonetheless the whole crowd turned on their phone lights and sung along to every word. Before long we were graced on stage by Void of Vision. Jumping straight into “Berghain”Jack Bergin coming out with a spiked balaclava. The crowd was ready for it all. In an electrifying surge that deftly blurred the lines between chaos and catharsis, Void of Vision commanded a packed venue in their recent live concert.

With a ferocious outpouring of unfiltered emotion and pulsating energy with “Ghost in the machine “ and “Hell hell hell “, they left an indelible mark on the audience instantly.  Bergin commanded the stage with a blend of ferocity and vulnerability, his piercing screams and emotionally charged clean vocals intertwining to create a dynamic vocal range. The transitions between heavy and melodic were seamless, creating a narrative arc that guided the audience through the ebbs and flows of their sonic journey.

As the concert surged to its zenith, amidst bodies glistening with sweat and ears echoing with reverberations, the undeniable truth emerged: Void of Vision had achieved far beyond a simple performance – they had fashioned an all-encompassing journey that reverberated deeply. Amid the maelstrom of intensity and disorder, a palpable unity enveloped the crowd, an unspoken agreement that music serves as a conduit to embrace our most intimate battles and victories. Finishing with the encore hit “Angel of darkness”. Void of Vision put on not just a concert but an unforgettable experience for the Brisbane crowd and hopefully will do so again very soon.

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