Beyond The Darkness: Benefit Concert For The GI Cancer Institute


In a heartfelt journey of resilience and community support, a story of love, music, and giving back unfolds. In February 2021, Dave Dash Green was faced with a daunting diagnosis: Stage 4 Oesophageal Cancer. Battling through the hardships of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, he emerged triumphant and achieved remission. However, the shadow of secondary cancer loomed, and on February 22, 2022, Dave, aged 47, lost his valiant fight.

Amid the darkness, a beacon of hope emerges through the event “Beyond the Darkness,” a tribute to Dave’s memory and a fundraiser for the GI Cancer Institute. The event weaves together the threads of metal music and the spirit of turning adversity into altruism, mirroring Dave’s journey. The metal community, a steadfast companion throughout, finds itself the recipient of his gratitude, as a riveting concert is planned to pay homage and express appreciation.

For three decades, the GI Cancer Institute has spearheaded change in the landscape of gastrointestinal cancer care. Their groundbreaking research has transformed medical practices, expanded treatment options, and offered unparalleled support. With accomplishments ranging from influencing worldwide medical standards to pioneering novel treatments, the institute has left an indelible mark on cancer care.

Beyond the Darkness” stands as a testament to Dave Dash Green’s legacy, uniting music enthusiasts and cancer advocates in a common cause. As the event approaches, it carries the power to inspire others to transform hardship into action, to forge connections, and to ensure that the light of compassion shines through the darkest of times.

Featuring LiVE Performances from……..
Krave – DIRTY BREW – The Crypt Daddies – ENGRAVED – Depuration – We the Hollow & DisKust