Maurizio Iacono from KATAKLYSM talks ‘Goliath’

Interview: Nev Pearce

For nearly 30 years, the formidable melodic death metal force known as KATAKLYSM has been relentlessly spreading its powerful sound worldwide. On August 11th, 2023, brace yourselves as the band unleashes their 15th full-length studio album, “Goliath,” through Nuclear Blast Records.

The Everblack Podcast had the pleasure of chatting with Maurizio Iacono from KATAKLYSM, discussing their latest album ‘Goliath‘ and its intensified, aggressive direction. Maurizio also shared insights on collaborating with the talented artist Eliran Kantor for the artwork, delved into the conceptual ideas behind the album’s singles, and revealed exciting plans for upcoming tours and beyond!

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Goliath” was meticulously recorded at multiple studios. JFD Studios in Dallas, TX, and Studio City, CA, along with The Cabin in Orlando, FL, were the locations where the recording took place. The responsibility of production and engineering fell upon J-F Dagenais, who skillfully handled these aspects throughout the album.

For the crucial steps of mixing and mastering, the band entrusted Chris Clancy once again, with valuable assistance from Colin Richardson. This collaboration ensured that the album’s sound would be finely tuned and polished to perfection.

The cover artwork played a significant role in capturing the essence of the album’s central theme, the legendary battle of David versus Goliath, which is evident throughout the record. To achieve this, the band enlisted the talents of the esteemed metal illustrator Eliran Kantor, known for his work with bands like TESTAMENT and FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE. Eliran expertly transformed the KATAKLYSM look into a macabre representation that artfully complemented the brooding sense of uneasiness experienced during the writing and recording of the album. The result was an iconic and powerful visual representation that perfectly matched the intensity of the music.

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