Martin Eriksson from DAMPF talks ‘The Arrival’

Swedish five piece Dampf are set to unleash their much anticipated debut album ‘The Arrival’ this Friday June 3rd.

DAMPF is a supergroup of heavy metal royalties, lead by almighty A-tron who you may know from his career as Martin ”E-Type” Erikson

Years ago Martin had an idea to combine power of dark metal and pop melodies, but it wasn’t until recently, when he was tasked by Eye to write songs for 3 albums in this spirit. that he realised that the time for this dream has arrived. 

Musically and visually stunning, Dampf had previously released two singles in the lead up to ‘The Arrival’, ”WHO AM I?” and ‘The Other Side’, both accompanied by powerfully haunting videos on a cinematic scale from director Ted Lindén and the vision of the bands leader A-Tron.

The Everblack Podcast sat down with Martin ‘A-Tron’ Erikson to talk about the concept behind DAMPF and their debut ‘The Arrival’, his spiritual journey and love of metal that led him to create the project, preparation for their upcoming live shows, future of the band and more!

Watch / listen to the interview here :

”I had missed making new music for many years”, says the energetic frontmanA new song of E-type must be better than my old ones, which is so difficult that nothing was written. At all. But when I received the letter from Eye, I was really happy and thought that now I can create something new that no one can compare with anything else. Old or new. Just DAMPF simply. I’ve been longing for distorted guitars since Back in the loop and Free like a flying Demon. And now it’s time. Although the joy is obviously obscured by an inexplicable war in Europe. It’s very sad. But the world needs new strengthening music.”

The Arrival, will be released on June 3 via Finnish label Gramophone Records. 

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