From Ashes to New – ‘Blackout’ [Album Review]

Review: Luke Petty

From Ashes to New’s latest album, titled “Blackout,” heralds a triumphant return to their roots while infusing a refreshing twist into the very essence of the sound that initially catapulted them into the music scene. Embarking on a concept-driven journey through a pre-apocalyptic world, the album is an intense and captivating experience, characterized by its heavy, driving music and poignant, angsty lyrics. With this release, the Pennsylvania-based rock band takes a powerful and dynamic stride forward, showcasing their remarkable ability to blend diverse musical influences into a distinctive and compelling sonic tapestry that resonates deeply with listeners.

Scheduled for release on July 28, “Blackout” begins with an explosive impact through its single “Heartache” a finely crafted, resonant track that connects with anyone who has triumphed over hardships,  and “Nightmare” delves into themes of betrayal, evoking powerful emotions from the very start. Heavy guitar riffs immediately thrust the audience into the album’s intense atmosphere, exemplifying From Ashes to New’s signature sound – a perfect amalgamation of aggression and catchiness.

Another standout track, “Hate Me Too,” captivates with its dark and brooding ambiance, accompanied by a catchy chorus that speaks unapologetically about the pains of toxic relationships. It becomes evident that the band has evolved their musical style, seamlessly blending elements of alternative rock, rap, and metalcore to create a fresh and invigorating soundscape that defies boundaries.

The album also features some more experimental tracks, such as “Echoes” and “Armageddon.” These songs are more electronic-driven, but they still have the same heavy, aggressive sound that fans have come to expect from From Ashes to New.

Approaching the end of “Blackout,” the single “Until We Break” features a collaboration with Matty Mullins, lead singer of Memphis May Fire. This immense track explores themes of perseverance and overcoming adversity, propelled by a driving beat that sets the stage for the emotionally charged lyrics. Matt Brandyberry and Danny Case, the dual vocalists, deliver a captivating performance as they trade verses and harmonize on the chorus, culminating in a powerful climax with soaring guitars and pounding drums. The song concludes with a sense of hope and resilience, leaving a lasting impact on the listener.

The album reaches its peak with the closing track “Broken by design”, resonating with anyone who has ever felt broken or helpless. This catchy yet aggressive song closes out the album perfectly satisfying fans with its dynamic sound and emotive essence.

“Blackout” stands as an impressive testament to the band’s growth and maturity as musicians, demonstrating their exceptional talent in creating impactful music. With its infectious energy, unforgettable hooks, and emotionally charged performances, the album is sure to win over both loyal followers and new listeners alike. From Ashes to New has undeniably solidified their position as a formidable force in the modern rock scene, and “Blackout” cements its place as an essential addition to their discography – a vivid representation of their continuous evolution as artists.

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