Hollow Front Share Visualizer For Crushing New Track ‘Letting Go’

Grand Rapids, Michigan-based metalcore slingers HOLLOW FRONT have shared the visualizer for the brand new single Letting Go.

The song’s origin story is incredibly interesting. Here’s how it started…

“Originally, Letting Go was more written more towards the idea of letting go of a past romantic relationship,” says vocalist Tyler Tate. “A person figuring out how to move on from someone they loved, because there was nothing left there to hold onto…”

…and here’s how it ended up…

“But after [singer/guitarist] Dakota [Alvaraez] left the band, the song took on a whole new meaning for me,” Tate finishes. “When it was time for me to write my parts, I started to see the song in a new perspective. It became a song about Dakota needing to let go of Hollow Front and go out on his own.”

Tate continues, “He might have been talking about an ex, when he wrote the lyrics, but when I heard the words ‘We let our guard down / The passion’s gone now,’ I immediately connected with it, only in a different way than he had intended. All the pain of his departure came out. My lyrics became directed towards Dakota. Telling him how I was so sorry about him leaving, sorry that it had become too much for him to handle, because I never thought I’d have to lose him too. I truly thought Dakota and I were in this for the long haul together, that 10-20 years from now, we’d still be making music together. But sometimes life doesn’t work out how you planned. And that’s okay. You pick up the pieces and move on. You let go of that pain and keep going.”

Letting Go is a swan song and a Hollow Front victory lap for Alvarez, and that bittersweetness is captured in every note, every riff, every syllable, and every scream.

“My time with Hollow Front has been a roller coaster ride of emotions,” Alvarez shares. “I’ve traveled the country with my brothers a few times over, and got to share the stage with so many other talented musicians that I had dreamed of meeting, and made friends with people across the industry I grew up with. While the last year in HF had its tragedies and tribulations, I only have love and support for the band and community we cultivated. HF fans are the most beautiful, emotional, and invigorated Community of people, and this single is for everyone who loved the soundscape we created! Whatever they release after this will be a testament to how talented and headstrong my boys are.”

Letting Go is a satisfying and brutally heavy send off to Hollow Front‘s bandmate. It achieves closure.

But Letting Go also kicks off the next chapter for Hollow Front… and it’s only going to get heavier.