Lamb Of God – ‘Omens’

Review : Dan Maynard 

With over 20 years under their belt, 8 albums under Lamb Of God and two as Burn the Priest, the proud Richmond, Virginia five piece have been a dominating force in the world of metal for as long as they’ve had their name in the mix. This week sees the release of the monstrous ninth album Omens, a high contender as one of Lamb Of Gods best albums to date as far as I’m concerned.

Omens takes full charge from the moment it kicks in, with opening track Nevermore punching you in the guts as it truly encompasses everything that Lamb Of God does perfectly. From the ass kicking intro, to the down played verse with vocalist Randy Blythes menacingly spoken creeping across the top layer, and the bouncing aggressiveness of the chorus, Nevermore was the perfect single release from the album, flawlessly summing up what the album is packed full of in one track, pure balls to the wall metal by the way.

Have you got long luscious hair and a neck that’s in dire need of a windmill? Enter, Into the Grave. Sheer unadulterated groove metal at its finest. Reminiscent of Sacrament/Wrath era LoG, Into the Grave is a live anthem just waiting to be unleashed. It’ll sit perfectly alongside other live masterpieces such as Now You’ve Got Something to Die For and Walk With Me in Hell.

Highlight of the album, for me personally, is fast paced thrash driven punk escapade Denial Mechanism. From the open drumming of the legendary Art Cruz, right through to the neck break tremolo picking guitars, Denial Mechanismis an absolute banger. Imagine if you will….Slayer, Metallica and Black Flag had a love child, this track is just that and I honestly don’t know how else to describe it. With guitarist Mark Mortontearing everyone a new one with a monumental solo that opens up the bridge, destroying the whammy bar in the process, the track finishes as it opens, but this time with a bombardment of double kicks. Fuck this song kicks serious fucking ass.

Omens is proof that our favourite Virginian metal lords aren’t stopping yet, not even close to it. Ten tracks of pure gut tearing metal, you would find yourself absolutely at wits end trying to find anything negative to say about this album. They’re a band that have truly found a way to evolve so graciously while not deriving from what makes them so undeniably them. From the unmistakable tone and attack of the guitars and bass, to the perfectly tuned massive sound of Arts drums and Randys now renowned vocals, Omens is going to have fans weak at the knees, swimming in a pool of happy tears.

LAMB OF GOD – ‘Omens’ is out October 7 via Nuclear Blast Records.

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