Josh Baines from MALEVOLENCE talks ‘Malicious Intent’

Monstrous UK shredders
MALEVOLENCE have just released their 3rd album and first for Nuclear Blast MALICIOUS INTENT.

From tiny pressure-cooker hardcore gigs to igniting massive pits at big-stage metal festivals such as Download and Bloodstock, the band have carved out their own path in the metal history books and amassed a dedicated global following and the respect of their peers since their inception back in 2010 when childhood friends, guitarists Josh Baines and Hall, who had been playing together since 2005 joined up with bassist Wilkie Robinson and drummer Charlie Thorpe, and recorded the first proper Malevolence demo with Taylor on vocals.

Malicious Intent is the next step in the bands evolution and notoriety, with crushing riffs, heavy hitting beats and venom spitting vocals, the band are about to set the world on fire yet again but on a much larger scale.

The Everblack Podcast spoke to MALEVOLENCE guitarist Josh Baines about their new album ‘Malicious Intent’, having Matt Heafy from Trivium guest on the record and the support he has given them, the insane response to their sets at Download and Bloodstock, touring Australia and more!

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The undisputed Heavy Metal Kings of the UK.

In early 2020 came the highly anticipated EP release, The Other Side, introducing a brand-new side of MALEVOLENCE. Although only 3 tracks, each song showcased a depth and diversity that is uncommon in modern metal. Heart-wrenching ballads are blended perfectly with technical shredding and crushing breakdowns, effortlessly showcasing the band’s talent as genuine songwriters. Despite the hard-fought success, MALEVOLENCE remains an autonomous crew. Operating from their Sheffield-based HQ, a previously derelict warehouse the band transformed themselves, MALEVOLENCE handles as much of their in-house operations as they possibly can. Including the formation and operation of MALEVOLENCE’s own label, MLVLTD Music. It was through this label that the band self-released The Other Side and although it was a first for the band, the release was a resounding success – racking up close to half a million streams on Spotify and Apple Music in its first few weeks of release.

MALEVOLENCE fans will know that their records come few and far between. Emerging onto the scene in 2013 with their debut album Reign of Suffering, which is currently climbing above 2.15 million streams on Spotify. Released as teenagers, the level of song crafting skill stands the test of time and remains a defining moment in the band’s career.

The next four years had MALEVOLENCE grinding their way through the European continent, gaining recognition as one of the hottest prospects in this new wave of international heavy metal. 2017’s Self Supremacy saw the Sheffield quintet selling out club shows all over Europe, the USA, and even south-east Asia/Japan. This in turn has earned them a cult-like following of die-hard fans, who wear the MALEVOLENCE logo on their clothing like a medal of honour.

MALEVOLENCE – ‘Malicious Intent’ is out now via Nuclear Blast