Apocalyptica Release Second Of Three New Classical Instrumental Tracks Beethoven 5th

Photo by Ville Juurikkala

The Finnish four piece Apocalyptica announce the release of their very own Cello-Metal reinterpretation of Ludwig Van Beethoven’s legendary 5th Symphony.

Eicca Toppinen says: “The beginning of the fifth symphony by Beethoven is one of the most iconic classical themes ever written. The process of rewriting and transforming it into a new perspective was a challenging but a really joyful ride. Beethoven was one of the first “metal-heads” in classical music which made it even more enjoyable to work out his theme with more modern sound and approach.”

Listen to Apocalyptica’s “Beethoven 5th

The previously released single “Bolero” as well as “Beethoven 5th” are going to be part of Apocalyptica’s upcoming EP named “Metal Classic, Classic Metal”.