[Review] Twelve Foot Ninja – ‘ VENGEANCE’

Review : Dan Maynard

Twelve foot ninja are undoubtedly one of the most dynamic and out there bands in the world today. With their unique take on the genre, they encapsulate what music is and should be. Music should be about risk taking, experimenting, learning and having fun. This album is no exception and the whole process of how this album came to be and where it is going, takes each of those elements and shoves it right in the listeners ears and eyes. The album is paired with the bands debut novel “The Wyvern and the Wolf” which was collaborated on with Australian author, Nicholas Snelling.

With each album it’s hard not to think to yourself “where could they possibly go from here?” and with each proceeding album they manage to surprise you. What really stands out on this album to me is the clear theme that’s driving you the whole way through. The musical theme brings the story to life. It guides the listener all the way through with its dips and rises making you feel as though you’re on a journey. And being Twelve Foot Ninja, I know that each and every aspect of it was meticulously and perfectly thought out every step of the way. Twelve Foot don’t take detail lightly and that is ever present on this album.

The album takes us on an 8 bit synth driven voyage. If you closed your eyes and took the music in the way it should be, you would find yourself at the heart of an even darker toned circus-esque version of Sega’s 1994 hit video game “Castlevania”. The distinct ball dropping riffs that guitarists Stevic and Ro are still upfront and in your face as much as ever, if anything they’re more guttural, more face melting. But they have found a happy medium in which the two sounds blend together as one. Pair that with drummer Russ‘s massive sound, symphonically this album is a work of art.

It’s front man and lead vocalist Kin that has really stepped up an already unbeatable game. He has always been able to compliment the chaos that his fellow crew mates dish out, but on this album he is on a higher plane. Musically it takes you on a journey, vocally Kin turns it into a big show musical. Whether it’s moments that place you in the dark world feeling of a Tim Burton cinematic extravaganza or moments that just blow your tits straight off with his signature growl, Kin sets the story in stone.


This video game inspiring, Ninja themed story of an album is something else. With synth heavy songs like title track “Vengeance”, thrashy blast songs like “Culture War” or may it be the melodic sing along “Over and Out” featuring Ukrainian metal act Jinjer‘s vocalist Tatiana Shmailyuk, you’re served a mixed platter of delight and chaos that is hard to turn away. I can’t wait for the world to experience this album, Twelve Foot Ninja aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and that couldn’t make me happier right now.

Vengeance will be released on Friday October 15th and can be pre-ordered now.