[Interview] Arkadius Antonik from SuidAkra talks new album ‘Wolfbite’

After more than 25 years, 13 studio albums and worldwide tours, German melodic death metal band SuidAkrA are set to start a new chapter in their with their epic new album ‘Wolfbite’ out June 25 via MDD Records.

We sat down with SuidAkra mastermind Arkadius Antonik for the Everblack Podcast to have an in depth chat about their new album ‘Wolfbite’, the epic concepts behind the record, special collector’s edition versions with their very own wine, their incredible 25 year spanning career, touring, playing Wacken Open Air and more!

Watch / Listen to the interview here :

SuidAkrA – ‘Wolfbite’ is out June 25 via MDD Records. Order here : https://bit.ly/3cR0hBA