[Interview] Monica Strut from The Last Martyr talks ‘Hindsight’

Melbourne-based heavy outfit The Last Martyr have returned with their crushing new single and video ‘Hindsight’, directed by David Owen Blackley from Her Name Is Murder Productions.

While the world went into chaos in 2020, the band used their time to record new music with Chris Lalic from Windwaker at the helm and make their long awaited plans to return to the stage.

We caught up with Monica Strut from The Last Martyr to talk about their latest single and video ‘Hindsight’, new bass player Ricky and the influences he brought to the band, working with Chris Lalic from Windwaker, Podcasting, business coaching and more!

Watch / Listen to the interview here :

Produced by Windwaker’s, Chris Lalic,’  an early demo of ‘Hindsight’ was written by newcomer to the band, Ricky Andreas (bass), bringing a modern electronic and nu-metal influence to TLM’s heavy rock sound. The lyrics were largely downloaded straight to paper in the studio amidst vocalist, Monica, processing a friendship breakdown. 

“During our time in the studio recording ‘Hindsight’ I was processing a breakdown of a friendship and working relationship with someone I was beginning to realise held a lot of power over me.” – Reveals vocalist, Monica Strut. 

“I had been holding back my opinions, my voice and who I truly was from this person and over time, without realising, doing so had started to wear away at my self-esteem. 

The lyrics came together really quickly as we began pre-production of the track and I started recalling other instances where I was being manipulated or emotionally abused. Sometimes it’s only through the benefit of hindsight we can see situations for how they really were and, well, as they say, hindsight is truly a bitch.” 

‘Hindsight,’ is The Last Martyr’s first single since releasing single, ‘Like A Ghost,’ in late-2019; A track that well and truly thrust the four-piece into the spotlight.   

‘Like a Ghost,’ achieved global radio play, national rotation on Triple J Unearthed, and landed TLM on several end-of-year lists including a spotlight on Triple J’s The Racket, who named them one of 5 coolest bands to emerge in 2019, as well as on Triple M Hard n’ Heavy, who declared The Last Martyr one of the top 10 heavy bands to watch in 2020. 

Using downtime during the COVID-19 pandemic to write and record new material, The Last Martyr are ready to unleash in 2021 with new music, videos and show announcements that will demonstrate why they are a force to be reckoned with.

The Last Martyr – ‘Hindsight’ is OUT NOW https://ffm.to/tlmhindsight