Swedish Progress Quantum Release First Single from Forthcoming Album

Progressive rock/metal enthusiasts, brace yourselves for a rare musical sonic journey. Sweden’s Quantum, the innovative and boundary-pushing progressive rock band, is thrilled to announce the release of their highly anticipated full length debut album, “Down the Mountainside.”
scheduled for release on April 19, this musical odyssey promises eight elaborate and intense compositions, spanning 45 minutes of captivating soundscapes that seamlessly transition from acoustic serenity to explosive grooves.
Today the band have released the albums first single, Abstract Bliss

Check it out here

Frontman Anton Ericsson comments: “Abstract Bliss is simultaneously one of the most accessible and also most spastic songs on the album. The combination of a catchy chorus melody, 19th century harmony and furious mathy riffs with nasty guitar leads in the bridge section makes for a fast-paced track that will hook you in and become better and better with each listen. It features both drummer Marcus Lundberg (verse) and me – bass player Anton Ericsson (chorus, bridge) – on lead vocals, and has some samples from published CIA documentations as well as a “Problem drinker”-infovid. Lyrically, it deals with heavy alcohol consumption, and how it affects the people drinking as well as the people close to them. I wanted to address the tendency that people can have to identify with their intoxicated self and hide behind it as a kind of mask.


Led by bass player and singer Anton Ericsson, Quantum delves into the depths of human psychology with lyrical themes centered around alter egos and masks that individuals in society wear to navigate their everyday lives. The album explores how these personas impact individuals psychologically, leading them to a breaking point. Quantum’s commentary extends beyond the personal, addressing how this behavior shapes the overall attitude of the society we live in.

“Down the Mountainside” is a timeless progressive rock masterpiece that feels both fresh and innovative. The album is poised to resonate with seasoned prog enthusiasts as well as captivate the ears of listeners from the more modern school of music. Quantum’s ability to blend elements from various genres, including prog rock, metal, late romantic era classical music, and jazz, results in a coherent and captivating musical experience.
The album features mesmerizing guitar solos from the brilliant Richard Henshall and Tom MacLean, both esteemed members of the band Haken.
Their contributions add an extra layer of brilliance to an already stellar musical offering.

Quantum was formed in 2016 by Anton Ericsson, Olof Simander, and Fredrik Reinholdsen. Since then, the band has undergone various line-up changes, with Anton remaining the constant member and primary songwriter. The current lineup includes Anton Ericsson on bass and vocals, Marcus Lundberg on drums, and Samuel Walfridsson and Kalle Segerborg on guitars.
In 2020, Quantum garnered attention with the release of their EP, “The Next Breath of Air…,” featuring some of their favorite tracks to play live. The EP helped them build a small but loyal following across the globe.

“Down the Mountainside” is poised to be a milestone in Quantum’s musical journey, showcasing their evolution and mastery of the progressive rock genre. Brace yourselves for an album that pushes boundaries, challenges norms, and invites listeners into a world where music transcends conventional expectations.
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