Dave Lupton of FLAMING WRECKAGE talks ‘Terra Inferna’

FLAMING WREKAGE arrives in 2024 with force, armed with their hardest hitting record to date. “Terra Inferna” is without doubt the bands most dynamic and accomplished record.

The Everblack Podcast caught up with Dave Lupton of FLAMING WRECKAGE to talk about their new album ‘Terra Inferna’, challenging themselves during the writing process, touring and upcoming Mad Max inspired show!

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The latest single “Blood and Bone” showcasing these Aussie metallers in full flight. “Blood and Bone” drives the album forward with its captivating groove and bold structural changes. “Terra Inferna” is yet another huge leap forward for this Sydney four piece and a standout album that is sure to sit on the top shelf of metal releases for 2024.

One the new single “Blood and Bone” an eerie 12 string and synth intro, takes listeners familiar with FLAMING WREKAGE into unchartered yet enticing waters. The intro gives way to one of the more commanding riffs on “Terra Inferna”. Rooted in Japanese influenced scale, this riff drives the song forward to an almighty chorus, well and truly epitomizing the new album as all the elements converge to form what will be regarded as a modern metal classic.
Synth, acoustic guitar and layered electric guitar tracks are on display in this behemoth of a track. These elements propel the band forward into a new era, sitting alongside the future of metal in Apple Music’s “Breaking Metal”, while holding their place in Spotify’s “Thrashers” for two years in a row.

The year 2024 couldn’t have started stronger for FLAMING WREKAGE. A string of Australian headline shows and several well reviewed singles, has given the band the opportunity to share the stage with one of Swedens most revered acts, Katatonia. This just shows how diverse the band’s songwriting can be. Being billed with bands outside of the thrash sphere, yet still having the songs to captivate a fan base such as Katatonias is a rarity in modern metal and a challenge that this Aussie quartet are more than ready for.


Stream: https://bfan.link/terra-inferna
Order: www.flamingwrekage.com/s/shop
‘TERRA INFERNA’ album released via Grindhead Records: April 26th, 2024

FLAMING WREKAGE Exclusive Album Launch Shows!
Sat May 25 – The Workers Club, Melbourne
Sat June 8 – The Lansdowne, Sydney

Tickets from www.flamingwrekage.com/shows