Anberlin, Hawthorne Heights and The Word Alive – The Tivoli Brisbane 26.01.24 [Live Review}

Review and Photography: Luke Petty 

Emo was on the cards for the night, The Tivoli playing host to some of the best in the business. The line extended as far back as you could see, the black attired army was out in full force ready to be taken back to the days of big fringes and big feelings as Emo royalty was about to take the stage.

First up, The Word Alive. And they tore through The Tivoli with a force that could level mosh pits and melt eardrums in equal measure. From the opening riff of “Strange Love” to the final cathartic scream of  “One of Us,” the Phoenix quintet proved they’re more than just a nostalgia trip for the emo scene’s golden age. As soon as Telle Smith came jumping out on stage you knew these boys meant business. “Why am i like this” went off and the crowd’s energy was definitely matching the bands. Smith talking to the crowd in between most songs.

Telling us this has been the favourite show of the tour and with how they were performing and the charisma on stage, you could tell. Jose Del Rios dance moves, they were legendary as well as them all showing heart gestures throughout to the crowd. At one stage Smith had everyone in the crowd on the ground before everyone leapt up to mosh it out. Finishing the incredible set with “One of Us” it rounded out an epic show, the crowd left a sweaty smiling mess. Hopefully see The Word Alive back soon headlining.

Next up the Emo Kings from Ohio Hawthorne Heights. Opening with “This is who we are” the crowd instantly were grabbed and taken on a ride of mixed emotions. Lead singer JT interacted with the crowd on a deep level. Explaining how much they love Australia and that they were here to play some old Emo classics and how the crowd’s hair was a lot worse last visit here.”Hard To Breathe ” was a highlight, Vocals all night from JT and Mark Mcmillon were on point. Mcmillon’s screams each as good as the last.

JT then continued the crowd interaction by telling us to be kind to each other for one minute and how the kids of the past 20 years ago were now full-blown emo adults and their kids are the new generation of Emo’s. Closing out the energetic set with ” Ohio is for LoversHawthorne Heights showed why they have been one of the best in the genre for 20 years.

The lights dimmed after the final interval. The crow erupted at the sight of Anberlin. Then out of a sea of red they appeared. Dressed all in white attire, this wasn’t seen too well due to the red lighting throughout the whole set. It almost failed to make an impact due to this but that said the energy and entertaining set did not make anyone think twice. Opening with “The Resistance“. The volume of the crowd singing back to Anberlin was insane. There was alot of love shown to the boys from Florida.

Pumping through each hit, the stage energy was huge. Each member owning it in their own way. “Paperthin Hymn” and “Two Graves” were flawless. Frontman Stephen Christian looked like he was having such an amazing time. You could see it in the emotions on his face. “The Unwinding Cable car” really got everyone singing along to the much slower song and you could see just as much emotion on their faces too. Coming to the end of the set and they still had just as much energy as they did at the start, “Godspeed“, “We are Destroyer“and “Feel Good Drag” really closed it out perfectly. But then to be treated by “(*Fin)” was the icing on the cake.

Anberlin have been doing this for a long time and they aren’t short of signs of stopping anytime soon it seems. Tonight was a real show and hopefully we see them back here for more in the future.

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