Gold Coast Metallers Kaosphere Release Chain Breaker. Sign To Australian Rock Label, XMusic

There are still bands out there who prefer to bide their time and craft songs at their own pace for maximum effect. Bands that allow the music – not the market – to dictate terms.

Gold Coast metal outfit Kaosphere is one such band.

Since bursting onto the Gold Coast scene in 2015 and debuting with their EP ‘Forsaking Shadows’ two years later, Kaosphere have preferred to plot a steady course through the murky waters of Australian metal.
Their self-titled follow up in 2018 acted as the pre-curser to a successful national tour, with EP single “All Is Lost” recently topping 175,000 streams on Spotify and climbing steadily.
Not bad for an independent band who have not yet fully developed into the formidable force so obviously seeking to be unleashed.

2023 has seen Kaosphere draw sonic battle lines, already hitting the live circuit and supporting international rock outfit The Midnight Devils as well as securing a coveted spot at Wallapalooza 2023, headlined by COG, Babybeard, Butterfingers and 28 Days. And all of this without releasing any new material.

Which is about to change. Kaosphere have completed their debut full length album ‘In Scars We Trust’ and plan to deliver on their promise of a shift in dynamics over the release of three singles starting with CHAIN BREAKER and culminating with the album release in the first quarter of 2024.

 Chain Breaker is about domestic violence, Kaosphere frontman Ricci grew up with it very severe domestic violence towards his mother which he had to witness, it’s about breaking the chains of violence and not repeating it even if you have endured it yourself.

Ricci comments on the sensitive subject matter of the track “Chainbreaker for me is paying my respects to my mum, such a strong beautiful woman. To go through a relationship Once Were Warriors style for many years and come out of it like she did I’m so proud. Don’t get me wrong there was good times too but she made her decision and whisked us away during the night on a plane to a new city we stayed in a woman’s refuge until we were safe put us in school and made sure we were ok.
We didn’t have much at all but she made it work, breaking the cycle or ‘chains’ if you wish it must have been hard task raising two boys on her own with strangers pretty much no family in a new city. All I know as it could have turned out a lot different if it wasn’t for her brave actions and decisions. Mumma Bear never fears only doing what’s best for her kids. This song goes out to all the brave Mumma Bears out there breaking the chains!”

Check out Chain Breaker here

Already known for their crushing brutality infusing death metal with early 90s nu metal riffing and lashings of thrash metal, Kaosphere are set to surprise even long term fans with the intensity and direction of their new music.

The band comment on signing with XMusic “We’re incredibly grateful to have signed with Australia’s very own XMusic. We’re hoping this is going to be a massive step forward for us as a band and a massive opportunity to showcase and share our music with the world. We are looking forward to the future!”

XMusic founder, Tim McLean-Smith says “It’s great to have Kaosphere on the label. Their music is heavy as F%%$ but the power and their message in their music are something to inspire to, look out 2024!”