Thornhill, Holding Absence (uk), Thousand Below (usa) & Bloom – Brisbane [Live Review]

Review and Gallery: Luke Petty

As the line of eager fans stretched back around the block of The Tivoli, the chatter and laughter filled the air with anticipation for the epic lineup ahead. 4 bands on the cards tonight and we were in for a treat. The doors opened, and the crowd rushed in like a herd of wildebeest, eager to claim their spots for The Prom Queen Tour.

First up, Bloom, the Sydney-based band fronted by the charismatic Jono Hawkey. Opening with the bone-crushing “Laughingstock,” Bloom instantly proved why they deserved to be on the stage and why they had been added to the year’s Good Things Festival lineup. The crowd surged back and forth, heads banging and fists pumping, as Jared McLaren’s clean vocals soared effortlessly above the din. Hawkey demanded movement and good times, and the crowd delivered. Bloom even treated the audience to a brand new song, “Siren Song,” which was met with thunderous applause. Closing with their hit song “Cold,” Bloom left the crowd wanting more. Too bad we only got 20 minutes as we could have all watched them keep bringing it all night.

Thousand Below took the stage next, a band from San Diego, California. They really came to Australia with a point to prove and show us why they were on this lineup. Vocalist James Deberg’s vocals echoed throughout The Tivoli, and the crowd was instantly hooked. They sang along to every word with songs “Tradition” and “Silent Season”. Deberg’s clean vocals to his deep growls were impeccable the whole set. The band’s energy was infectious, and even the security guards were moving their heads. They closed their set with the explosive “Sabotage,” leaving the crowd absolutely buzzing.
First impressions are key for any situation and this was no different. As soon as Holding Absence exploded onto the stage and frontman Lucas Woodland belted out the opening track “Like a Shadow,” it was clear that this was a band to watch. All the way from the UK to show us their charm. Woodland bounced around the stage with boundless energy, jumping and kicking like a man possessed. His vocal range was incredible, and he commanded the stage with the presence of a seasoned performer. The crowd was in awe, singing along to every word and showing their love with hand hearts and raised fists. When the band slowed things down and asked the crowd to hold up their phone lights, the sight was breathtaking. The entire venue was bathed in a warm glow, swaying back and forth in unison. Holding Absence closed their set with the soaring “The Angel in the Marble,” wrapping up and incredible set from the UK boys.
Finally, it was time for the headliners: Thornhill. The lights dimmed, and the crowd erupted in cheers as the band launched into their new hit “The Viper Room.” Singer Jacob Charlton’s vocals were pure melodic joy, and the crowd chanted the chorus along with him. Jacob shouting at the crowd “We have some Darkpool for your asses” and pumping out “Views from the sun” “The Haze” and “Red Summer”.  Thornhill played hit after hit, including “Hollywood” and “Casanova,” with its memorable riff to open it up,getting the crowd moving and singing along.

The band showed that they were true masters of their craft, leading the crowd through a journey of emotions from start to finish.  Lighting was epic and really matched up with the show and made it extremely enjoyable to watch. They closed their set with the epic drum beat and shred for “Raw” which sent the crowd in a frenzy before the final song “Where We Go to Die,” leaving the crowd in awe and chanting their name until the lights came up.

The crowd was on fire tonight, and all the bands delivered above and beyond. From the local Aussie acts to the international travelers from the US and UK, every band brought the house down. It was a night to remember, and we can’t wait to have them all back. Sooner rather than later, please!