Architects + Counterparts + Thornhill @ Fortitude Music Hall – 22 02 2023

Review and gallery: JD Garrahy

There are live music venues throughout Brisbane that are iconic. The Tivoli, The Triffid, The Zoo, the list goes on and on. Tonight however, we’re visiting The Fortitude Music Hall for what is sure to be possibly one of the best shows we will see this year.

Thornhill need no introduction, the local boys have proved time and time again why they’re deserving of not only supporting the biggest of international bands, but also why they could sell out a national tour. To witness these guys live is truly something to behold. With only a 6 song setlist, they kick through and really get the crowd in the spirit for the evening. Top effort lads!

Counterparts. Fuck…ing…hell. I have never had the chance to see these guys live. I picked a damn good night to pop that cherry. Blasting through the opener of “Whispers Of Your Death” and quickly moving on to “Bound To The Burn”, the Canadian metalcore boys show just how it’s supposed to be done.

Bringing a massive setlist to The Forty, we’re treated to some brilliant tracks from their most recent album “A Eulogy for Those Still Here” as well as previous releases “Tragedy Will Find Us” and “Nothing Left To Love”. Crushing every riff and break-neck beat, the Ontario natives are absolutely killing it tonight. Come back for a headliner guys, Australia needs you.

The main event is here and the anticipation and atmosphere is at an all-time high. Strap yourself in, because this is going to be massive. The lights fade, the crowd erupts and the familiar tune of “Do You Dream of Armageddon?” rings out over the PA speakers. As Sam Carter walks out on stage to thunderous applause, Architects kick straight into “Black Lungs” and the pit is thrown into overdrive.

If you thought this was a night where you would only get a taste of their extensive repertoire, then you’re damn wrong in every sense. “Modern Misery” is a track that fans love so much, and when you hear the entire crowd chanting “Seven billion hungry ghosts!” to kick off the song, it fills everyone with a sense of unity that cannot be equalled. From here we get a double hit from the latest album “The Classic Symptoms of a Broken Spirit” with “Deep Fake” and “Tear Gas”. This sends everyone into hyperdrive for the rest of the set.

When you have to try and keep a large number of fans happy, it’s never an easy task. But Architects do this without batting an eyelid.  Covering everything from “These Colours Don’t Run” to “A Match Made In Heaven” and even acoustic versions of “Momento Mori” and “A Wasted Hymn”, the UK lads leave no stone unturned. Closing of the set with “Doomsday”, was the right choice. The crowd emulating Sam’s distinct vocal stylings is amazing to behold and just helps to give such an emotional song that extra bit of oomph.

What’s a show these days without an encore? Am I right? Giving us a triple header of “Nihilist”, “When We Were Young” and finally, “Animals”, the massive, nearly 2 hour set comes to a close with a collective of fans exhausted, yet invigorated and satisfied with how much they were gifted tonight.

With merch in hand and memories firmly etched, we all depart The Forty hoping that it won’t be too long before Architects head back down to our little country to entertain us once more.