Blink 182 – ‘One More Time’ [Album Review]

Review: Dan Maynard

Twelve years, it’s been a long twelve years since the veteran trio of Mark, Tom and Travis released an album as a band. One More Time will forever lay in a special area for the band and fans alike, as it not only sees the band blend years of change and progress as a band, but it touches on the painful subject of loss, near losses and the pain of losing your closest friends in a world that you need them the most. The world has watched the struggle between the band for years now, watching them go from strength to strength, all the way through to becoming a completely different entity and all the way full circle, to being stronger and better than ever. And that is what this album is all about.

The album launches off with the highly anticipated Anthem Part 3Anthem and Anthem Part 2 are easily two of the bands most iconic songs. Part 2 became a staple in their setlists for years and now becoming the opening song to their reunion tour which began earlier this year. An intro that is very reminiscent to part 2, but only enough to let you know this is within the same universe, big drums, clean guitars and big ring out, followed by the unmistakable clean rolls of our favourite drummer Travis Barker. In The same way parts 1 and 2 roll, the song is driven by our resident UFO expert Tom DeLonge, with Mark Hoppus balancing the track out with the second and also with backing vocals through the chorus, reminding us why the two frontmen’s vocals are so perfect together. This is the intro to a new era, this is exactly what this album needed to kickstart the next 45 minutes.

Part 3 is followed by recent single Dance With Me, a time travel back to an earlier Blink 182Tom opening the track with a hilarious filthy line, a line that if anyone else said it you’d roll your eyes but it’s Tom, what else can I say, that’s our Tom!

Fell in Love changes it up quickly, a new sound to the band, opening with upbeat claps, this almost feels like you should be chilling by the beaches of Santa Monica. But it still somehow feels right, you could easily throw some distorted guitars and a punk beat over this and you’d be taken back to Enema of the State.

The moment Terrified began, I couldn’t help but be transported back to DeLonges first solo project, Boxcar Racer. And this is a glimpse into what makes this album so special in a musical sense. The songs don’t just welcome older eras of the band, there’s hints of +44, Boxcar Racer and Angels and Airwaves. They have taken everything of their past and put it into one epic album.

One More Time is the title track, it’s a love letter from each member to the other two. On first listen back upon its release, I found myself being overly emotional, tearing up at the words they had written to each other. This wasn’t just an apology to one another, but it was letting the world know that old wounds had healed, that despite the pain and regretful choices made, they’re happier than ever.

The rest of the album is nothing short of a masterpiece. Even throwing in a couple of classic short tracks taking the piss. But the album comes to a close with Childhood, again welcoming a new era of the band. It doesn’t follow the direct rules of a Blink 182 song, it’s hard to even put into words, you just need to hear it for yourself. It’s a beautiful song to end the album on.

I’m sure I’m not alone in having that uneasy feeling of worry leading up to the albums release … .will this album be a letdown? Will the band just not have it anymore? The singles that were released were fantastic, but this is a 16 track album, there was plenty of room for error. And you know what? That fear ended up being completely irrational. I feel silly for having even thought that could be the case, but hey I’m only human, this is a band I grew up on and love to the end of the universe, it’s like watching your parents get back together and just praying it works out. And thank fuck, it did.

I for one welcome the return of our lord and saviors, a new era, a new kingdom. All hail, we can finally mark the return Blink 182.

Blink 182. – One More Time is out now via Columbia Records