VOLUMES, Gravemind, Uni/Vs, Apate and Barbirusa – The Princess Theatre Brisbane [Live Review]

Review and Gallery: Luke Petty

The Princess Theatre was ablaze with excitement as Volumes, champions of progressive metalcore, stormed into town for an epic night of headbanging and mayhem. This Los Angeles-based juggernaut have been rocking the metal scene for years, and their live performance on this fateful evening was a testament to why they’re legends in the making. Despite the crowd not being the biggest, the fans that showed up were ready to unleash chaos. With five bands on the bill, we were in for an absolute treat.

Kicking off the night, the local heroes Barbirusa took the stage. Even with one vocalist down, Rheese Peters stepped up and unleashed a visceral set filled with guttural growls and spine-tingling screams. The early birds in the crowd were clearly loving every moment, and Barbirusa set the perfect tone to kickstart the night.

Next up, Apate unleashed their experimental, downtuned fury. Zakk Ludwig led the charge with thunderous screams, taking command of the stage and igniting the crowd. Playing a mix of older classics and tracks from their album “Rage,” Apate set the vibe for the night, serving up headbanging riffs that had the crowd fully engaged.

Uni/Vs took the stage with all the charisma and warmth of a bonfire in winter. Frontman Scott Willis owned the stage keeping the momentum going, while Michael Ryan belted out clean vocals like a true boss, they are nothing short of astonishing with an epic range. These guys were a whirlwind of energy, captivating everyone in the room. Showing why they are one of the greats in Australian music. Their performance of the new track “So Loveless” was an absolute highlight, and it was clear that Uni/Vs is destined for headline status in the genre.

Hailing from Melbourne, Gravemind grabbed the spotlight with force. Bailey Schembri wasted no time demanding the crowd’s presence, and they gladly obliged. Opening with their smash hit “The Effigy,” Gravemind showcased their pure metal prowess. The brutal vocals and mind-bending guitar work were a feast for the senses.


The crowd went wild during their latest track “Deathtouch,” moshing as if there was no tomorrow. When Bailey asked everyone to raise their phone lights, the resulting sea of stars was nothing short of epic. Gravemind undoubtedly set the bar high for the night.

Then came the moment everyone had been waiting for. As the lights dimmed and an atmospheric intro enveloped the audience, you could feel the anticipation reaching its peak. Volumes, hailing all the way from California, exploded onto the stage with a surge of energy that left everyone breathless. Myke Terry was an infectious force, captivating the audience with his vocals, energy, and dance moves right from the start.

Opening with “FBX,” it was clear these guys were here to entertain. Michael Barr joined the frenzy with his hard-hitting screams, and the crowd knew they were in for something special. The delayed Australian show, thanks to the pandemic, only heightened the excitement in the room. “Weighted” sent the crowd into a frenzy of punches and kicks, epitomizing the Aussie spirit. The fan-favorite “Erased” was a highlight, with the crowd passionately singing along to the clean vocals before getting pummeled by brutal screams.

 Raad Soudani and Nick Ursich were a flawless rhythm section, anchoring the band’s powerful performance. Every hit was as electrifying as the last, from “Feels Good” to “Happier?” The epic finale, “Wormholes,” closed out a night that will be etched into our memories for years to come.

All five bands brought their A-game and made it an evening of unparalleled fun. Volumes are undisputed legends in the industry, and we eagerly await their return with open arms, knowing that chaos and metal excellence will follow.

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