Mike Mangini of Dream Theater Announces Solo Album, “Invisible Signs”

Introducing “FREAK OF NATURE” – A Drumming Legend’s Solo Masterpiece

Mike Mangini, world-renowned as the drummer of Dream Theater and a distinguished Berklee College of Music professor, unveils his highly anticipated solo project, “MANGINI.”

Why “FREAK OF NATURE” is a Must-Listen:

-Unparalleled Artistry: With a reputation as one of the world’s fastest drummers, Mangini accompanied by great musicians such as Gus G, Tony Dickeson, Ivan Keller, and Jen Majura, rhythm guitarist of the world-renowned band Evanescence until 2022, ventures into uncharted territory with “FREAK OF NATURE”. The first single from his upcoming album, “INVISIBLE SIGNS”, marks Mangini’s initial highly anticipated release as a solo artist. His drumming excellence is at the core of a sound both technically brilliant and emotionally resonant.

-Breaking Boundaries: Breaking free from the familiar confines of Dream Theater, Mangini exposes a dimension of his artistry that has been concealed for too long. This is a rare glimpse into the depths of a musical virtuoso, unshackled and unfettered, enabling long-time fans and new followers the ability to peer into his upcoming full-length album, “Invisible Signs.”

-Global Eager Anticipation: “FREAK OF NATURE” has already stirred global excitement. Fans and music aficionados worldwide have long awaited and now eagerly anticipate the release of this remarkable single. It’s not just a musical endeavor; it’s a cultural event for music fans across the globe.

-Music Redefined: Be prepared to have your musical horizons expanded. “FREAK OF NATURE” defies genre conventions, challenging the boundaries of what music can be.

-Mangini’s Artistic Evolution: Embark on a sonic journey led by a drummer who’s achieved global acclaim. “FREAK OF NATURE” is a testament to an artist’s transformation, and it’s a moment the music world will remember.

-Beyond Expectations: This isn’t just another single; it’s the dawn of a new era in Mangini’s illustrious career as the first chapter of his solo career.  Actively building to an apex with the upcoming release of his first solo album, “Invisible Signs”. Be part of a groundbreaking moment in music history, poised to reshape the entire industry.

Join the Hype and Witness the Birth of a New Era! “FREAK OF NATURE” transcends being just a single; it’s a revelation. It showcases the extraordinary talents of one of music’s most legendary percussionists and brings forth a redefining release in the industry. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this momentous musical event.

Prepare for an experience like no other. “FREAK OF NATURE” is Mike Mangini’s inaugural step as a solo artist, and it promises to leave a lasting mark on the global music landscape. Are you prepared for the extraordinary?