Dr.Parallax, to release their first EP ‘Stick and String’

Meanjin/Brisbane based independent instrumental prog band, Dr.Parallax, are debuting their first EP titled Stick and String.
Dr.Parallax’s music is a hard thing to quantify. The band mixes every element that goes into it including genres, time signatures, and tempos. Not adhering to any standard conventions allows for a lot of creativity within their sound but they never lose sight of the underlying grooves that hold their songs together.The Stick and String EP serves as an introduction to their compositions, featuring four of their more accessible tracks to ease listeners in to their orchestrated chaos. Throughout the EP you will be dragged from low tuned atmospheric doom passages to being plunged head first into erratic technical movements while getting crushed by odd metered syncopated breakdowns. All with unexpected twists along the way. And yes, this is being eased in.

Stick and String was recorded and mixed by Bryce Moorhead, who is most well known for recording and producing gold certified records for Violent Soho at the legendary The Shed Studios. It will be available digitally via all major streaming platforms on the 18th of October.