MEGAHERZ Reveal Second New Single, “Engelsgesicht”

photo credit: Franz Schepers

Pioneering German industrial metal icons MEGAHERZ have revealed their second new single, “Engelsgesicht” (EN: “Angel face”)! MEGAHERZ’s highly anticipated upcoming album, In Teufels Namen (eng. “In the Devil’s Name”), is set for release on August 11, 2023 via Napalm Records. These co-founders of Neue Deutsche Härte are one of the most influential German industrial metal bands – boasting millions of views on YouTube and a #7 peak charting position garnered by their 2018 release, Komet (Official German Album Charts).

With emotional “Engelsgesicht” (EN: “Angel face”), MEGAHERZ continue the legacy of one of their greatest hits “Miststück” (EN: “Bitch”), that has been streamed over 2.5 million times on Spotify. The single comes with a metaphorical, mesmerizing music video.

MEGAHERZ on “Engelsgesicht”:

“The dame who eternally beckons and attracts and drives us up the wall again and again – even in 2023 we still fall in love with your pretty face, you devil in angel’s clothing.”

Industrial metal pioneers MEGAHERZ pull no punches with In Teufels Namen!

MEGAHERZ’s new album begins strongly with the epic title track “In Teufels Namen” (EN: “In the Devil’s Name”), detailing their critique on the church as an institution. On “Der König Der Dummen” (EN: “The King Of The Fools”), one of the heaviest songs on the record, the quintet doesn’t mince words once again, commenting on conspiracy theorists in their tinfoil hats. The hypnotizing track “Amnesie” (EN: “Amnesia”) is heavily built on electronic-inspired beats and melodies, while chanting anthem of the free spirited, “Freigeist”, features catchy synths and a sing-along chorus. On tracks like “Rabenherz” (EN: “Raven Heart”) the band show an emotional facet. “Menschenhasser” is a powerful, fast Neue Deutsche Härte track that eases into the breather “Ich Hasse (Epilog)” (EN: “I Hate (Epilogue)”), featuring emotional keys, before the empowering “Auf dem Weg zur Sonne” (EN: “On My Way To The Sun”) showcases their vulnerable side before closing the album. Overall, In Teufels Namen is an energetic ride providing the listener with pure industrial metal at its best!

MEGAHERZ on their new album:

“We are happy to finally release our new album, In Teufels Namen, and it hits with full force! In Teufels Namen is an album steeped in dark themes and strong emotions. We went deep into the abyss of human nature and the result is songs that powerfully and uncompromisingly unleash an energy that will sweep you away.”

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