Dirt City Release Debut Single: “Squelch” Self Titled Debut EP Coming Aug 14

Sydney’s Dirt City have emerged onto the scene with their debut single, “Squelch,” by reclaiming and reintroducing the industrial roughness absent in modern heavy rock. Squelch fearlessly embraces the grit, angst and dirt that defines Dirt City’s sound.

Produced by Nathan Sheehy (DZ Deathrays) and mastered by Grant Berry (Stand Atlantic, Fangz), “Squelch” showcases the band’s commitment to crafting a sonic space that pays homage to the industrial suffuse of Nine Inch Nails, the tribalism of White Zombie, and the sonic experimentation of Filter. Their debut single is a testament to Dirt City’s unapologetic approach, renouncing the overproduced climate prevalent in today’s bands and emphasising the palpable and human feeling that heavy music should evoke.

From its opening notes, “Squelch” establishes Dirt City’s dedication to the industrial grit of heavy rock. The underlying lyrical angst builds up frustration and intensity, while the band’s skillful music design blends elements of industrial glitch with fuzzed-out metal riffs, creating a stomping while chaotic atmosphere that leaves listeners hungry for more.

Listen to Squelch here

Dirt City refuse to conform to the overproduced climate of modern bands, placing the focus back on the tangible and human aspects that define the essence of metal. Rejecting loopers, backing tracks, and clicks, the band relies solely on their own musicality to offer an unfiltered and genuine experience that allows audiences to connect with their music on a deeper level.

To complement the visceral nature of “Squelch,” Dirt City has collaborated with the Young Creative Agency to produce a pathologically charged and visually captivating music video. The soon to be released video mirrors the angst, power, and chaos of the single, enhancing the overall experience and immersing fans in the band’s psychotic psyche.

With “Squelch” serving as just the beginning, Dirt City is on a mission to reintroduce authenticity and rawness to the heavy scene.

Join Dirt City on this exhilarating journey as they release their debut self-titled EP, on
August 14 and experience the full force of their sound.

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