Trophy Eyes + Eliza and the Delusionals + Dust – The Tivoli Brisbane – [Live Review]

Review and Photography: Luke Petty

On a pleasant but cool Friday evening, the anticipation was high as Brisbane music enthusiasts flocked to The Tivoli, eagerly awaiting the long-awaited return of Trophy Eyes. With their comeback to the music scene and embarking on a tour, the crowd was ready for a night filled with raw energy and emotional catharsis. The devoted following of Trophy Eyes was apparent in the numbers, promising an unforgettable experience.

The night began with an unexpected surprise as Dust took the stage as the supporting act. Hailing from Newcastle, these talented musicians delivered a post-punk style performance that captivated the crowd. Their high-energy set from start to finish resonated well with the audience, creating an electric atmosphere.

Keeping the momentum going, Eliza and the Delusionals graced the stage. With infectious energy and undeniable talent, this Australian four-piece band exceeded expectations, mesmerizing the crowd with an electrifying show. The moment Eliza Klatt took center stage, her commanding presence immediately captured the audience’s attention. From the first note, it was evident that this would be an unforgettable experience. In the middle of their set, Eliza asked for the house lights to be turned on, searching for a birthday celebrant in the crowd and serenading them with a heartfelt birthday song. Their interaction with the crowd and even the house security added to the flawless show they delivered.

After a considerable hiatus, Trophy Eyes returned to the stage, and the crowd made sure they felt the love. The moment John Floreani entered; the venue erupted with excitement. They wasted no time, launching into one of their new singles, “Blue Eyed Boy,” from their latest album “Suicide and Sunshine.”

It was truly astonishing to hear the crowd singing along to every word, despite the album only being released on June 23rd. John took a moment to express his gratitude for the audience, acknowledging that this was their biggest headlining tour to date and thanking everyone for supporting a band from Newcastle. It’s hard not to support Trophy Eyes, given their remarkable impact on the Australian music industry.

The crowd went wild during the performance of fan favourite “Friday Forever,” raising the noise to another level. John then took a moment to extend his appreciation to Dust and Eliza and the Delusionals, encouraging everyone to take out their phones, open their music streaming services, and follow the two bands’ latest albums. He jokingly demanded proof before continuing the music. As the night progressed, Trophy Eyes performed more new tracks like “What hurts the most” and “Kill.” However, John’s voice began to falter, and he admitted he would need the crowd’s assistance to finish the set.

Balancing old and new songs, they kept the entire crowd moving, with people crowd surfing and passionately singing every word. During the performance of “Something bigger than this,” a crowd member sustained an injury while being pulled over the barrier to safety. The band momentarily paused, and John addressed the importance of security and ensuring everyone’s well-being. They swiftly resumed the song uninterrupted. Closing their set with hits like “You can count on me” and “Bandaid,” Trophy Eyes unequivocally showcased why they hold such influence in the Australian music scene and delivered one hell of a show, making the wait in between shows almost worth it.

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