Trophy Eyes – “Suicide and Sunshine” [Album Review]

Review: Luke Petty

Trophy Eyes are back and with their latest album release Suicide and Sunshine

Trophy Eyes deliver a cathartic and emotionally charged musical experience that is as raw as it is captivating. Blending elements of pop-punk, alternative rock, and heartfelt lyricism, Trophy Eyes once again showcase their ability to craft anthemic and introspective songs that resonate deeply with listeners. “Suicide and Sunshine” is the fourth studio album to come from Newcastle based punk band, released nearly five years after the previous album “The American Dream” and it has really come out swinging with some absolute captivating tracks.

From the opening track, Trophy Eyes set the tone for the album with an explosive burst of energy with “Sydney”. John Floreani belting the lyrics about his love for what he believes to be the greatest city on earth. “Life in slow motion”. A compelling track showcasing Trophy Eyes versatile style of musicianship. Describing life and hitting a deep meaning within the lyrics themselves.

“People like you” brings a gritty but catchy tone to this track. Catchy drumbeats and chorus while each verse giving you the feeling of protest this song was intended to show. One of the standout qualities of “Suicide and Sunshine” lies in the raw honesty and vulnerability conveyed through the lyrics.

Trophy Eyes fearlessly confront personal struggles, existential questions, and the complexities of relationships. The emotional weight behind every word is palpable, creating an immediate connection between the band and the listener. This authenticity, paired with a knack for evocative storytelling, allows Trophy Eyes to paint vivid portraits of human experience, inviting listeners to reflect on their own lives.

The first single release “Blue eyed boy” is a great reflection of this emotion. The infectious music and guitar work from their new guitarist Josh Campiao, of melodic hardcore band Hellions. Finishing off this wonderful tune with some snappy synth work to. “Sean” really grabs you when you process the lyrics. Raw emotion at its finest. Giving us John Floreani’s recollection of the day he lost someone close to him. I had goosebumps listening, sitting on every word and being drawn into the feeling for the 5-minute track.

Throughout “Suicide and Sunshine” Trophy Eyes display a fearless willingness to experiment and push their musical boundaries. The album seamlessly traverses various sonic landscapes, ranging from anthemic rock bangers to more introspective and atmospheric tracks. “Sweet soft sound” what’s a great album without a beautiful love song. Dedicated to his love. Showing again how natural talent comes to Trophy Eyes from a lyrical and musical point of view. Finishing off with “Epilogue”, the final chapter per say to this emotional rollercoaster of an album. Trophy Eyes epilogue let’s hope it isn’t the end and we do have plenty more to come in the future.

“Suicide and Sunshine” is a tour de force that solidifies Trophy Eyes’ position as one of the most compelling bands in the alternative music landscape. With their unflinching honesty, infectious melodies, and captivating performances, Trophy Eyes have crafted an album that resonates deeply with the human experience. “Suicide and Sunshine” is an emotional rollercoaster that take us on ride through life, love and tragedy. It’s a testament to the power of music to touch hearts, unite souls, and remind us that we are not alone in our journey. Check it out and see for yourself.


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