Make Them Suffer, Fit for an Autopsy and Ocean Sleeper – Princess Theatre Brisbane [Live Review]

Review and Photography: Luke Petty

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the city awakened to witness the enchanting Princess Theatre transformed into a vibrant spectacle. The stage lights illuminated the stage, casting mesmerizing hues and shadows, setting the mood for an unforgettable musical experience. Another big night of memories flourishing this crowd as we remember and relive what is “Neverbloom”.

Opening the night for us was Melbourne’s rising force in the post hardcore scene “Ocean Sleeper”. With their infectious energy, soaring melodies, and hard-hitting instrumentals, the band submerged the audience in a sonic ocean that left a lasting impression. From the moment “Ocean Sleeper” took the stage, the room was charged with anticipation. As the lights dimmed and the ambient sounds filled the air, the band erupted instantly grabbing the attention of everyone present.

The powerful vocals of “Karl Spiessl” resonated throughout the venue, effortlessly transitioning between emotive clean singing and guttural screams that sent shivers down the spines of the audience. “Ocean Sleeper’s” setlist was a well-balanced showcasing songs like “Light In My Dark”“Worthless No Purpose” and “Hate me like you mean it” as well as treating us by playing for the very first time their new track “Never The One”, ensuring that both long-time supporters and new listeners were engaged and boy were they with the crowd singing along to old and new songs.

“Ocean Sleeper’s” set was a testament to their talent and artistry. Their ability to seamlessly blend heavy instrumentals with melodic hooks and introspective lyrics showcased their versatility as a band. “Ocean Sleeper” left an indelible mark on the audience, submerging them in a sea of emotion and musical brilliance. Keep a close eye on this band, as their star continues to rise in the post-hardcore scene.

Hitting the stage next Fit for an Autopsy, the relentless powerhouse of deathcore, unleashed a devastating onslaught of sound and fury upon the crowd. With their uncompromising heaviness, thought-provoking lyrics, and unmatched stage presence, the band delivered a performance that left the audience in awe and utterly consumed by the intensity of their music, and I was definitely one of them. From the moment “Fit for an Autopsy” all the way from Jersey took the stage, the air was charged with anticipation.

The opening notes reverberated through the venue, signalling the impending storm that was about to be unleashed. Vocalist Joe Badolato commanded the stage with an unmatched ferocity, his guttural growls and piercing screams cutting through the mix with a relentless force. Their setlist was a relentless barrage of heavy hitters, featuring tracks like “Black Mammoth,” “Mirrors,” and “The Sea of Tragic Beasts.” Each song hit with an unrelenting force, invoking a primal energy that fuelled the mosh pit. The band’s chemistry on stage was palpable, as they navigated the complex song structures and tempo changes flawlessly, leaving no room for complacency.

The fans were now ready, after being treated to such incredible supports they were ready. “Make Them Suffer”, the Australian metalcore sensation were being summoned. From the moment the lights dimmed, and the atmospheric intro engulfed the room, a surge of energy rippled through the crowd.  With the prologue building everybody up. the anticipation was palpable as Make Them Suffer exploded into their opening track “Neverbloom”.  Six and a half minutes of relentless deathcore played just as intently as it was 10 years ago upon release. The crowd was absolutely lapping it up. Screaming and singing along to every word. From the bone-crushing breakdowns to ethereal passages that sent chills down the spines of the crowd.

The intricate guitar work of Nick McLernon and Jaya Jeffery showcased their technical mastery, delivering intricate solos and crushing riffs that ignited a frenzy of headbanging and moshing. The visual production of the concert was nothing short of spectacular. The dynamic lighting, accompanied by atmospheric visuals and pulsating strobes, elevated the experience to new heights. After “Morrow” was done we were informed that this was a special evening as after this tour “Make Them Suffer” will no longer be playing songs from this album anymore. You could hear some disappointed murmurs in the crowd but this just meant it was more reason to bring it tonight.

After pumping through the “Neverbloom” album we were then given a ravishing encore with “Ghost of Me” and finally “Doomswitch”. As the final chords faded away, the world seemed a little brighter, a little more alive for fans who have been around since the beginning as well as the newer ones. The memories created in that moment would be cherished forever as “Neverbloom” was remembered and celebrated in style.

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