In Hearts Wake, Stray from the Path, The Gloom in the Corner and Diamond Construct – Fortitude Music Hall Brisbane [Live Review]


Review and gallery: Luke Petty 

A cool brisk evening in the Valley didn’t stop music lovers heading out tonight to catch some metal nostalgia at its finest. Lined up as far back as the eye can see at the Fortitude Music Hall. The fans have come in full force.

First up are the fresh sounds of Metal / Djent Diamond Construct coming in hot from Taree to bring some headbanging aggression mixed with some synth sounds of modernity to warm up the crowd. And wow did they make everyone warm leaving the audience in awe and leaving them ready for the rest of the show. Lead vocalist Kynan Groundwater’s aggressive screams and powerful stage presence had the crowd moshing and headbanging along to a mix of songs from their 2 albums.

The Gloom in the Corner’s Mikey Arthur snuck on stage next to open up the set. I was quite surprised with these guys and their heavy and haunting vibe. Guitar and bass both being thrashed around like no tomorrow. After a few glitches with equipment, sound and lighting The Gloom in the Corner’s stage presence was theatrical and engaging, with each member embodying a unique character in their performance and adding an extra layer to the show. This multi genre band from Melbourne definitely created an immersive experience.

After listening to Stray from the path on and off for years now but never having the opportunity to see them live had me intrigued and excited as hell to finally tick them off the list. After not being in Australia for 3 years they have come back with a vengeance. The crowd was so ready for this. As soon as the sight of the New York based band appeared on stage they were greeted with a very heartedly Australian welcome. Crowd screams, cheers and whistles all around. It was time. Opening with Needful things and blasting us with other hits like May You Live Forever and Fortune Teller. The real standout was Stray from the Path’s engagement with the audience, leaving everyone feeling inspired and empowered. Singer Andrew Dijorio addressed the crowd between songs, encouraging them to stand up against racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression. The band’s message of social justice and empowerment resonated with the crowd, with many fans moshing and singing along to the lyrics, feeling the message. Everyone was on Dijorios every word. At one stage having the whole crowd sit down on the ground. It seemed not one person was left standing. The highlight of their set was finishing with First World Problem Child. The song’s catchy chorus and heavy breakdowns had the crowd chanting along to every word.

Finally we had reached the end goal of the night. DIVINATION. 2012 to some was the end of the world, but for In Hearts Wake it was just the beginning. The lights went out and the crowd roared louder than they had all night. They were shocked to then see someone dancing out on stage in a reindeer suit holding a sign saying “Make some noise”. Laughter and cheers followed with slight confusion but when the reindeer mask was removed to reveal lead singer Jake Taylor, my god did the crowd erupt. And instantly we were taken back to Neverland.

The Byron Bay boys delivering us a touch of class, a touch of history. Divination in full, the album that started it all back in 2012 and I must say we were all ready and waiting for all 11 Tarot inspired songs. Each and every one played as intense and raw as they were 10 years ago. The crowd still giving the same enthusiasm as they would with their most recent songs. Divination was delivered. Of course it wasn’t going to stop there. And why should it?. We wanted more. Encore! Encore! Encore!. Ask and ye shall receive. The pit at this stage was brutal with fans thrashing and slamming into each other during Earthwalker with wild abandon. The band thrived off the energy of the crowd. Closing off a thrilling show, taking us all back to where it all started and reminding us why In Hearts Wake are one of the top Metal bands of our time in Australia. Lets hope we see them again real soon performing more of their incredible hits for us. And this time for Stray from the Path hopefully not too long between shows.

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