Diva Satánica talks How We End, Bloodhunter and Mental Health.

With the recent release of their debut single My Fighting Heart, metal supergroup HOW WE END have hit the metal scene hard and have fans ravenous for more!

Featuring Jen Majura (Ex-Evanescence) on guitar, Diva Satanica (Ex-Nervosa) and Jake E (Cyhra, Ex-Amaranthe) on vocals, Tom Naumann (Primal Fear) on guitar as well as Mitch Kunz (bass) and Adde Larsson (drums).
How We End promises to be an exciting new chapter for each of its members with global domination in their sights!

The Everblack Podcast spoke to metal vocalist Diva Satanica about her new supergroup project How We End and the reaction to their first single, “My Fighting Heart”, upcoming plans with Bloodhunter, her vocal origins, mental health and more!

Watch/listen to the interview here: 

Their first video single My Fighting Heart dropped on March 30 and the six friends from Sweden, Spain, Germany and Switzerland are coming at you with a massive sound comprised of different styles including crossover metal, female death growls in combination with catchy clean hook lines and heavy headbanger guitar riffs.

Already booking shows, performing live for the first time at this year’s 30th anniversary Rockharz Festival, the band looks forward to finishing their debut album and releasing their first three singles.

How We End – “My Fighting Heart” is out now.

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