Sully Erna from GODSMACK talks ‘Lighting Up The Sky’

Multi-platinum Grammy-nominated hard rock band Godsmack forthcoming eighth studio album Lighting Up The Sky, will be out February 24, 2023 via BMG.
The record follows the band’s globally acclaimed & gold-certified 2018 release, When Legends Rise, which achieved four No.1 singles back-to-back.

Lighting Up The Sky will be the bands final full length album, but never fear! the band aren’t planning on calling it a day anytime soon, choosing to take their back catalog of hits out onto the road and give the fans exactly what they want and more for the foreseeable future!

The Everblack Podcast spoke to Sully Erna from GODSMACK about their new and final album ‘Lighting Up The Sky’, their decision to keep together as a live band, 25th anniversary of their first album, possible Australian visit in the future and more!

Listen to the interview here: 

Co-produced by vocalist/guitarist Sully Erna and Andrew “Mudrock” Murdock (Avenged Sevenfold, Alice Cooper), Lighting Up the Sky is a testament to powerful storytelling. “​​I like when a record takes you on a journey from front to back. I realized there’s a whole story here about one man’s journey, the ups, and downs,” says Erna. “I believe it’s a story everyone will connect to, on a human level, because we’ve all gone through things in life.” The album explores boy-meets-girl, obstacles in relationships, the polarized political climate and the state of the world, betrayal, connection, rebounds, and more. It also gets into the idea of legacy, what we leave behind; fitting for what Erna has noted as their final studio album.

Alongside the announcement, the band shares the album’s opening track “You And I,”

With over 20 years of chart-topping success, GODSMACK have cemented themselves as 21st-century hard rock titans. To date, they’ve accomplished a staggering 11 #1 singles at mainstream rock radio and have achieved 20 Top 10 hits at the format (the most of any act since February 1999). Additionally, they’ve enjoyed four Grammy nominations and were named Billboard Music Award’s Rock Artist of the Year in 2001. Selling over 20 million records worldwide, the band has released seven studio albums; Godsmack (1998), Awake (2000), Faceless (2003), IV (2006), The Oracle (2010), 1000hp (2014), and When Legends Rise (2018).

​​The Massachusetts-bred quartet—Sully Erna (vocals, guitar), Tony Rombola (guitar), Robbie Merrill (bass), and Shannon Larkin (drums)—take a victory lap with their forthcoming eighth studio album, Lighting Up the Sky, dropping one more classic album as they ascend into the celebratory portion of their career.

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