John Mihaloudakis from NTH RD talks ‘Panic’

Melbourne four piece Nth Rd have recently released their debut EP, Panic.

Drawing influence from a heavier, more substantive place, Nth Rd arrived at a sound that fused their familiar rock sensibilities with the down tuned riffage of old school nu metal and metalcore. Enlisting the help of producer Christopher Vernon (Better Half, Belle Haven), the band created a collection of tracks that explored feelings of claustrophobia and panic; the latter of which would become the title of the project. 

The Everblack Podcast spoke to Nth Rd drummer John Mihaloudakis about the new EP Panic, the relatable lyrical themes behind it breaking down the process of anxiety, working with producer Christopher Vernon, his drumming influences and respect for Lars from Metallica, future of the band, touring and more!

Watch/listen to the interview here:

A kaleidoscopic montage of brutal riffs, soaring choruses and intricately woven atmospheres, Panic is a blissfully harrowing meditation on being a prisoner in one’s own mind. Leading the songwriting, bassist Lucas Banim and vocalist Jordan Kellaway found solace in writing conscious, vibrant and deeply personal tracks that pivot from the brooding and orchestral title track, to the anthemic yet emotional lead single Wearing Thin. With guitarist Billy Balassis trading a 6 string for one with 7, and drummer John Mihaloudakis opting to include more china cymbal smashes to his powerful playing style, the quartet have burst onto the scene with a newfound tenacity and focus. 

Panic is out now

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