COMBICHRIST Release New Single “Modern Demon”

Combichrist is back and unveil their third new single “Modern Demon”, after their 2019’s “One Fire” album. Andy LaPlegua comments on the new song: “Modern Demon” is about the path we are on as humans, and how it makes us inhuman. Trading a life worth living, for a life of convenience. Most of all, it’s a killer track written by me and Elliot Berlin, and I can’t wait to crush the stage with it this summer!” 

Watch the new Combichrist  lyric video for “Modern Demon” here:

Combichrist and founder Andy LaPlegua is considered the most popular industrial core band worldwide and is known for the intense live performances as well as for an outstanding stage show. Since its formation, Combichrist has experienced a permanent ascension and is being celebrated by fans around the globe to this day. Find all dates and tickets for Combichrist’s “Europe Not My Enemy” tour through and experience one of the killer live concerts. You can stream the new Combichrist single here

Aggrotech / industrial pioneer Andy LaPlegua is the master of electronic brutality as the previous song “Compliance” has also proved earlier. Find the music video here again – you can check all Combichrist videos in this YouTube-playlist curated by Out Of Line Music.