[Interview] Jamie McVicker from Intrøspect talks ‘Midnight Sun’

Blending progressive metal, post-rock and ambient influences, Sydney’s Intrøspect create a spiritual atmospheric experience with their recently released second EP Midnight Sun, a collection of songs that take the listener on a sonic journey beyond imagination.

We caught up with Intrøspect guitarist Jamie McVicker to talk about Midnight Sun and it’s lyrical concepts, sampling Carl Sagan, His work as a cinematographer and the visual aspects of the band, the global impact of their music, returning to the stage, signing up with Destroy All Lines and more!

Watch/Listen to the interview HERE:

September 2019 saw the release of Intrøspects’ debut single Ad Astra. The video for the track quickly gained traction, amassing over 36 thousand views and blessing the band with a solid increase in listenership. Intrøspect now hosts a dedicated fan base upwards of 7K monthly listeners on Spotify, across 80+ countries around the world!

Intrøspect’s much-anticipated second release is set to be a step up in every way. Being a 29-minute adventure through triumph, adversity, heartbreak & reverence. Solidifying their sound as uniquely distinct in the broader landscape of heavy music.
Midnight Sun was recorded with returning collaborator Chris Blancato (Northlane) and mixed from the UK by George Lever (Sleep Token, Loathe, Wovenwar).

Intrøspect – ‘Midnight Sun’ is OUT NOW Get it HERE: https://ditto.fm/midnight-sun-introspect