ACCEPT Celebrate their 50th Anniversary with a momentous Tour and Album!

[ACCEPT 2024_Photo Credit Christoph Vohler]
German heavy metal legends ACCEPT will be celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2025-2026. To mark this mammoth milestone, the band will be ringing in the band’s golden birthday with a very

unique anniversary tour at the end of 2025. An anniversary album will be released early 2026.

Wolf Hoffmann: The driving force behind ACCEPT

Wolf Hoffmann was not only significantly involved in the songwriting of every single ACCEPT song, his work has shaped an entire generation of metal musicians. As a founding and the longest

standing member, Wolf Hoffmann has made the most impactful contribution to the band’s unmistakable sound and success.

Since joining ACCEPT in 1976 at the age of just 16, Wolf played a central role in the band. His instantly recognisable and signature guitar style not only created the ACCEPT ‘ sound’ but

influenced a plethora of other highly successful bands and guitarists. Because of Wolf’s unflinching dedication, ACCEPT has become one of the most significantly defining bands in heavy metal. Not

only did he lay the musical foundations for the band, he also carried the band through the highs and the lows that come with a long term career – 50 years.

Anniversary tour 2025/2026: A journey through five decades

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, ACCEPT is embarking on a spectacular world tour that will take fans on a musical metal journey through time. Fans can look forward to a unique stage show with

surprise guests, all the classic hits from the band’s history as well as rarely performed songs.

Wolf Hoffmann comments:

“It’s an incredible honor to be able to look back on five decades of a musical career and share our music with so many people. But nothing lasts forever and who knows how much longer we’ll be

touring….. This tour will be very special because we think 50 years of ACCEPT is a GREAT reason to celebrate in style!”

Anniversary album 2026: A tribute to history

In early 2026, ACCEPT will be releasing a special Album that covers the band’s entire musical history. This anniversary album will contain a carefully curated selection of the best ACCEPT songs

from the last five decades, re-recorded – partly with well-known surprise musical guests and colleagues, as well as with some rare tracks that have not been played so often before.

“We wanted to create something that captures the essence of ACCEPT while offering something new to our loyal fans,” explains Wolf Hoffmann. “This album is a tribute to our journey and to

everyone who has accompanied us along the way.

Influence, legacy and Return of the Titans!

Over the past five decades, ACCEPT has sold millions of albums and inspired countless musicians. Their energetic live performances and iconic albums such as Balls to the Wall, Restless and Wild

and Metal Heart have left a lasting mark on the heavy metal genre. Wolf Hoffmann’s guitar style and musical vision have made the band one of the most respected on the Heavy metal scene.

After a hiatus in the band’s career, Wolf Hoffmann was introduced to New Jersey singer Mark Tornillo in 2009. The chemistry and fit between them was so remarkable, ACCEPT reformed and

almost immediately rose to global success with chart topping number 1 albums. ACCEPT continues to be celebrated for each of their new records with Mark , who is now the longest reigning

frontman of ACCEPT, placing the Hoffmann- Tornillo partnership firmly in the Metal Hall of Fame!

For decades, ACCEPT has been recognised as a guarantee of high quality and each of their albums has reached the top of the charts, delivering energy, melodies, killer riffs and an impressively

powerful stage presence for 50 years.

ACCEPT states:

“Celebrate with us! We invite the world of Heavy Metal to join us in the celebrations of this extraordinary anniversary!”