Nothing More – ‘Carnal’ [Album Review]

Review: Benjamin Coe

It has been a long, hard slog for Nothing More but alas, they are finally gaining the recognition they so well deserve. Pushing sonic boundaries since their inception in 2003, the band have found themselves at many different crossroads throughout their storied career, most notably then-drummer Johnny Hawkins’ switch to lead vocals and frontman duties around 2008/2009 which saw the boys from Texas, USA come into their own.

Fast forward 15 years and an absolute journey through the music industry and we see Hawkins  and his Nothing More band mates, founding guitarist Mark Vollelunga, bassist Daniel Oliver and drummer Ben Anderson, gearing up to release their mot expansive and important work to date, Carnal.

The album begins with a glimpse of the end, as Hawkins’ signature vocals croon over an alluring ambience before HOUSE ON SAND comes charging in full-pelt to knock you to the ground. Featuring a blistering guest spot from I Prevail screamer Eric Vanlerberghe, the tune is non-stop energy that will have you bouncing off the walls.

What follows is much of the same, as hit single IF IT DOESN’T HURT comes screaming along in the same fashion as it’s predecessor followed closely by the David Draiman endorsed styling of ANGEL SONGwhich sees the two vocalists trading verses almost seamlessly.

FREEFALL takes things down a slight notch but still boasts enough of the amplified energy that carries throughout this beast of an album. But it’s not just the energy of the songs that is a standout feature, it’s the off kilter sounds that permeate each track, be it the alien-sounding distorted guitar tones or just the randomly well-placed noises and vocalisations, there is not a single boring moment to be found throughout the entire run time.

Littered throughout are inspirational instrumentals that will not only blow your mind with their sound and intensity, but also with the profound messages that lie within the speeches, most notable on |HEART| with it’s amazing lead-in to the track DOWN THE RIVER.

There’s so much to love here that you would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy this album in some capacity. Outstanding vocals? Carnal’s got it. Emotionally deep, relatable lyrics? You bet ya! Heavy-yet-catchy tunes? Full of them! Honestly, Hawkins and co. have seriously outdone themselves this time around and you will be kicking yourself if you’re not on this bandwagon soon!

CARNAL is out now via digital download, CD, vinyl, and cassette tape at