CABAL Release New Song ‘Sort Sommer’

Danish deathcore maniacs CABAL are back with their new masterpiece ‘Sort Sommer‘. For the new song they teamed up the Danish band FABRÄK and the song is written in Danish.  It´s probably not the sound you have in mind when you think about CABAL but the guys show once again their boundless creativity and impress with new sounds.

Singer Andreas Bjulver about the new song:
“Sort Sommer is a very special track to us as it’s done completely in our native tongue (Danish) and is a track made in collaboration with our good friends in FABRÄK and it sounds very different from what most people would expect from a CABAL track. It’s a track that while exploring some heavy subjects is build around friends having fun and pushing boundaries for their respective genre in the studio.”

He continues about the collaboration with FABRÄK:
“So the collaboration happened since one of the singers used to be a bassplayer in a metal band that was on the same management as cabal so we’ve known each other from the scene since forever, also our bass player is their live guitarist and I live with the other singer, so even though our sounds are quite different this probably the band that we are the most intertwined with.” 

Stream ‘Sort Sommer‘ here:

CABAL is one of the most brutal and promising heavy acts hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark. The band aims to create a visceral and doom-laden atmosphere throughout both their music and visual expression. The production is crystal clear, whilst the songwriting draws inspiration from everything from black and death metal to djent and hardcore. 

Since the release of their debut album Mark of Rot in 2018, the young band has managed to make a name for themselves in both Denmark and the rest of the world by playing renowned festivals like Copenhell, Roskilde Festival, Euroblast Festival and Complexity Fest as well as touring in Europe, Japan and North America.

CABAL released the sophomore album Drag Me Down in April 2020 – a dark descent into a personal hell brought to life by crushing instrumentals, an oppressive atmosphere and dark personal lyrics delivered with relentless intensity, while still leaving room for experimentation and expansion of CABAL’s signature sound. Add to this guest appearances from metal titans TRIVIUM‘s Matt Heafy, rising metalcore stars POLARIS’ Jamie Hails and Denmark’s Blackgaze darlings MØL’s Kim Song Sternkopf and there is no doubt that CABAL is a band with friends in every corner of the metal scene.