RUN – True Heaviness In Time [EP Review]


Review: Dan Maynard

Melbourne metalcore specialists Run are about to release their first EP since 2020. A long four years one might say given the circumstances and events. 2020 feels like a lifetime ago at this point. But it’s all worth the wait. In no way does this EP fall short in any aspect of its musicianship, the flawless and consistent energy carries throughout the track listing, topped with Lochlan Watt’s infectious screams and an incredible line up of guest vocalists is endlessly mind blowing, True Heaviness Is Time is a force to be reckoned with.

Opening with True Heaviness Is Time, gentle warm tones guitars flow across the speakers, ambient and reverberated notes lead you to a quiet calming place. It’s at the thirty second mark everything takes a turn and it’s clear that opening track True Heaviness Is Time is here to set the tone for the EP. From this moment, the EP barely takes a moment to breathe.

Between our opening and closing tracks lay four songs titled after the changing seasons of the year. Beginning with Spring, it’s quite the first guest vocalist. Joel Birch of The Amity Affliction shares the mic with Lochlan, a pairing that was just meant to be. We’re followed by Summer next, this time featuring Trophy Eyes front man John FloreaniJohns’ clean vocals add a new dimension to the EP, an incredible sudden burst of harmonies and big chord progressions.

Autumn kicks in with such a ferocious old school hardcore demeanor, destructive guitars and Watts growls go hand in hand. Broken up with droning progressive bridges and an epic chorus, Autumn is the perfect blend between calamitous riffage and stunning chord progressions. Winter doesn’t hold back from the get-go. With its almost black metal intro, it breaks into huge hardcore pre-choruses and without hesitation the chorus somehow gets bigger. Lochlan demonstrates his vocal range, faultlessly pitching his screams through the chorus. Sophie Jest, vocalist of Rub joins in on the bridge with a massive combo of vocals that bring the fucking house down.

With the seasons coming to an end, we close off the EP with One Way OutRun choose the perfect track to close out True Heaviness Is Time, a track that perfectly sums up the entire EP. Hitting every aspect of the journey it’s taken us as the listener on, you couldn’t feel more closure on an EP. Not only does it close out the EP wonderfully, it only makes you want to hit repeat and go back to the beginning and start all over again. I know I began with this but honestly feel like I should end on it, True Heaviness Is Time is a force to be reckoned with.

RUN – True Heaviness In Time is out now.

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