Heri Joensen from TÝR talks ‘Battle Ballads’

Photo by Gaui H

Battle Ballads, the outstanding ninth full-length studio album from Faroe Islands-based Viking metallers TÝR is out today on Metal Blade Records!

A crushing, soaring, batch of classical embellished songs that conjure images of galloping steeds, clashing swords, and hard-fought victories, with Battle Ballads, TÝR has composed an album that resounds with their trademark Viking metal sound. At the same time, the band has experimented with new writing styles and musical techniques and created songs that are structurally simpler, yet musically more variegated. There’s no escaping the masterfully meticulous blend of melody and savagery on Battle Ballads.

The Everblack Podcast spoke to Heri Joensen from TÝR about their new album ‘Battle Ballads’, the pressures of recording it and working with Lars Winther on the Orchestral parts, drawing inspiration from their history of the Faroe Islands and their heritage, touring around the world and Australia and more.

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“We consciously decided to make this a more direct album with songs that are easier for listeners to get right away,” notes founding frontman Heri Joensen. “With Battle Ballads, there are progressive elements here and there, but we tried to keep the songs based on one or two musical ideas each, and work on everything from there. It’s more concise than our last album, but it’s more epic because of the symphonic elements.”

As much as TÝR would have liked to write, rehearse, and record with a symphony, scheduling conflicts made it impossible. So they did the next best thing. Joensen sent the band’s ten thunderous compositions to a Danish colleague, Lars Winther, in England, who added the orchestral samples, paying close attention to the tone and tempo of the songs so the violins, violas, cellos, woodwinds, and horns complimented the traditional rock instruments. When the samples were all in place, the album sounded impressive, but the tones weren’t perfectly blended. So, TÝR sent the album to veteran producer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, The Black Dahlia Murder, Amaranthe) in Denmark to put together the final mix.

Battle Ballads features the stunning artwork of by Gyula Havancsak and is out now

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